PeepSo Documentation

Setting Up Google API key

To use the location features, you need to set up the Google Maps API
Go to the Google Console on this link, and click on the blue “Go to Console” button in the top right corner of the screen.

You need to create a billing account for your Google Account first if you don’t have it.
Select your country and click continue

Contact number verification, click continue if the phone number is correct

Enter Payment Information and click continue.

Create billing account succeed. You will be given $300 credit for 90 days trial that you are free to spend. No further charges will be made unless you turn on automatic billing.
Also, please note that you’ll be billed $1USD by Google to check validity of your credit card information, but this payment will immediately be refunded if everything is okay with your credit card data.
Click GOT IT to continue

You will now be redirected to the console where you need to Pick Google Maps Products, select “Maps” and “Places” then click continue

In the popup that opens, answer a few Google questions and click NEXT

Finally, your API key is ready.

Copy that key and paste it in locations setting in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Stream Posts