PeepSo Documentation

Set Up Sidebars

The Gecko Customizer settings will allow you to customize the sidebars settings to suit your needs. You can find these settings in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer -> Theme -> Sidebars section. In these settings you will find:

  • Sticky Sidebars – enable to make sidebars sticky

Scrollable sidebars (BETA)

  • Scrollable left sidebar – enable to scroll the left sidebar independently from the middle column
  • Scrollable right sidebar – enable to scroll the right sidebar independently of the middle column

Sidebar gaps & dimensions

  • Left sidebar fixed width – adjust width of the left sidebar using px, % or fr units.
  • Right sidebar fixed width – adjust the width of the right sidebar using units of px, % or fr.
  • Widgets gap – distance between widgets in the sidebar

Mobile visibility

  • Show left sidebar on mobile – makes the left sidebar visible on mobile devices
  • Show right sidebar on mobile – makes the right sidebar visible on mobile devices

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