PeepSo Documentation

Registration Configuration

Access settings for registration and login by going to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Accounts and Security


  • Disable registration – Enabled: registration through PeepSo becomes impossible and is not shown anywhere in the front-end. Use only if your site is a closed community or registrations are coming in through another plugin.
  • Redirect WordPress registration – Enabled: wp-login.php?action=register will redirect to the PeepSo registration page.
  • Repeat e-mail field – Enabled: users need to type their e-mail twice, which improves the chance of it being valid and the verification e-mail reaching them.
  • Admin account verification – Enabled: users register, confirm their e-mail (optional) and must be accepted by an Admin. Users are notified by email when they’re approved.
    Disabled: users register, confirm their email address and can immediately participate in your community.
  • Force SSL on registration page – Requires a valid SSL certificate. Enabling this option without a valid certificate might break your site.

Activation & Redirect

  • Skip e-mail verification – Enabled: users don’t need to confirm their e-mail. It is not recommended unless your registrations are coming in via another plugin (WooCommerce, EDD etc).
    WordPress is a very big world full of various plugins and ways to register users. Some of them require those users to confirm their email address, some don’t. It’s a rather advanced feature that does come with a bit of a burden. Starting from PeepSo 1.11.1 We finally add this feature. By disabling the need for email confirmation people can use the site right away.The burden I mentioned earlier is that it does open your site up to possible abuse, and that’s something you must be aware of, pretty much anyone can register with a bunch of email addresses of other people, just to sign them up, whether it’s a prank, all in good faith or a straight-up malicious behavior.
  • Activation redirect – An url to redirect users after account activation.
    • First known visit (first page when user visited the site)
    • Home page
    • Pages

Terms & Conditions

  • Enable Terms & Condition – Enabled: Add your own ToS in a popup that will show during registration
  • Page – Custom Terms & Conditions page
  • Terms & Condition – text content for the terms & condition

Privacy Policy

  • Enable Privacy Policy – Enabled: Add your own Privacy Policy in a popup that will show during registration
  • Page – custom Privacy Policy page
  • Privacy Policy – text content for the privacy policy


  • Automatically resend activation – PeepSo will resend the activation e-mail a defined amount of times to any users who did not activate their account.
  • Every – specific time for automatic resend activation to retry
  • Maximum – maximum attempt resend activation

Allow Or Disallow Registration From Certain Domains

Block selected domains
To block certain email domains to be used during the registration, enable the Block selected domains to add the domain names in the Blocked domains field.

In the example above, whenever someone tries to register using,, and, PeepSo registration will not validate the email and will ask the user to select the different one.

Contrary to the blocked domains, you can enable Allow only selected domains and add the list of domains. In this scenario, only listed domains can be used for registration. This is particularly useful if you have closed community or intranet site where you want users to register only with their company email or similar case.

Please note, Blocked and Allow settings can’t and won’t work if you use third-party registration forms. This can only work with PeepSo registration form.

Video tutorial covering the Anti SPAM options: