PeepSo Documentation


All PeepSo queues that are processed by [insert page=’cron’ display=’link’] are now gathered under a single menu in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Queues. The Queues menu lets you check if these tasks are running as expected, and in case of issues, debug them.

Outgoing e-mail

All outgoing e-mail notifications will be saved here before it processed by mail queue cron job

Email Queue

GDPR requests

All GDRP requests submitted by users before it processed by GDPR cron job

GDPR Queue

Video uploads

All Video uploads submitted by users before it converted by Video Uploads cron job

Vide Uploads Queue

Queue Status Information

Waiting: waiting to be processed
Processing: currently being processed
Success: processing complete
Retry: process failed, but will be tried again later
Failed: process failed despite retrying