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Ultimate Bundle License Key

If you have Ultimate Bundle license key, it can be used as one key to rule all additional PeepSo plugins.
To add your Ultimate Bundle license key navigate to:

– WP Admin > Peepso > Configuration and find the License Key Configuration panel

Click on the toggle I have an Ultimate Bundle License and enter your license key. Don’t forget to save the settings to apply the keys.

Ultimate Bundle license key toggle

Successful License Validation

Individual License Keys Configuration

Unlike Ultimate bundle, the licenses for individual plugin purchases must be entered manually for each plugin.

  1. You can find all your license keys in the purchase confirmation email or in your account:
  2. Download, Install and Activate the plugins
  3. Go to: WP Admin > PeepSo > Configuration and paste the license keys in their respective fields
  4. Save the configuration.

Facts About Licenses:

  • Licenses give you one year of support and updates
  • Licenses are valid for one install and a staging / localhost, with the exception of multi-domain bundles.
  • If a license expires, software will still work, but access to downloads, updates and technical support will be discontinued.

What to do if my license doesn’t validate?

If you encounter issues validating your license key, try to click the Bundle switch on-off and click save button to save configuration again.

Please note!

The Domain Name on which the license keys are activated is added as The Supported Domain Name.

All purchases include One Year of Support and free updates for The Supported Domain Name, as described in the License Agreement. Subject to the limited Refund Policy.

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