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Filter: profile navigation



Plugin PeepSo Foundation
Since 1.8.5
Status Active


This filter is used to build a list of “tabs” used in:

  • profile tabs
  • profile widget links
  • mobile profile sub-menu

All tabs are supposed to be the same in every context. It is not possible to sort the tabs – they are appended in the order of the filters firing – you can adjust that by using filter priority.

Each tab is identified by an unique key. By hooking into the filter and modifying the array after everything was processed, it’s also possible to delete or rename tabs to your liking.


Adding custom tabs

The peepso_navigation_profile filter only works in pair with a dedicated peepso_profile_segment_* action. Please refer to the PeepSo Hello World plugin – it contains example code showing exactly how to add tabs and the subsequent action hook required for rendering.

Deleting and renaming


Elements marked in red are managed by peepso_navigation, yellow marks peepso_navigation_profile. Mobile view on the left, desktop view on the right

peepso_navigation filter

peepso_navigation & peepso_navigation_profile