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Customize Site Logo

With the settings available in Gecko Customizer, you will be able to upload and customize your site logo. You can find these settings in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer -> Site -> Logo Section.

Logo Image section:

Here you will find settings to upload logos separately for desktop and mobile devices.

Tagline section:

  • Show tagline next to the logo – enables the display of tagline text next to the logo. Tagline text can be set in WP Admin -> Settings -> General.
  • Show tagline on mobile – enable this setting if you also want the tagline text to be displayed on mobile devices.

Other section:

  • Logo link redirect – the page the user will be redirected to after clicking on the logo.
  • Logo height – logo height on desktop devices.
  • Mobile logo height – logo height on mobile devices.

If you want to change the color of tagline text and logo text you can change it in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer ->Theme -> Header -> Header colors section settings.

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