PeepSo Documentation

Creating The Group

Once Groups plugin is enabled and configuration is set that allows members to create groups, you can navigate to the Groups page and click on the “Create Group” button

Once clicked, it will invoke the popup with options to choose:

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • Group Category (if categories enabled in backend configuration)
  • Group Privacy

While group name and description are self explanatory, the privacy option is where things get interesting.

You will have the following options to choose for group privacy

  • Open – Anyone can join and participate in this group. Non-members can see everything in the group, but they can’t post or comment.
  • Private – Users must be invited or request to join. Non-members can only see the “About” tab from this group.
  • Secret – Users must be invited. Non-members won’t ever see this group.

Once you’re happy with the settings, press “Create Group” button and your group will be created.