PeepSo Documentation

Chat page

Chat/Messages page can be accessed via the PeepSo navigation bar, click messages icon > view all. Here you can create a new conversation, search for chat messages, bulk delete, or mark it as read/unread.

Start a new conversation

You can start a new conversation with other users by clicking on ‘New message’ button. Create message dialog will appear, select recipients and write your message, you can also attach some images and gif there, click `Send` button to send the message.

Search for chat messages

Search chat messages by content or users

Delete messages

Mark some chat messages, select bulk delete, and click apply to delete it


Mark as read/unread

Mark some chat messages, select bulk read/unread and click apply to mark it as read/unread

Conversation settings

Clicking on the cog in the upper right corner will bring up the following conversation options:

  • Add People to the conversation
  • Don’t send read receipt
  • Mute conversation
  • Leave this conversation