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Image overrides

Making a community your own has never been easier. PeepSo avatars, profile covers and all other images are great but they are not perfect fit for every community type. What if you could change the default avatars, default covers, and many other default images? Yes, you can. And you can do it in such way to preserve them when you update PeepSo.

How to Make This Happen?

It is really simple.

  1. Go to ROOT/wp-content/plugins/peepso-core/assets directory
  2. Copy the folder images and paste it into ROOT/wp-content/peepso/overrides/
  3. Start editing files found in ROOT/wp-content/peepso/overrides/images
Since PeepSo 3, folder structure has been changed and the override folder is now called “custom”. Simply use ROOT/wp-content/peepso/custom/images instead.
Note: If override folder structure does not exist, create the needed folders manually.

That’s really it.
Please bare in mind though, that you need to preserve the file names and folder structure within newly created override.
If you change the file name, or move the images around from subfolders, they will not work.

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