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Advanced Ads Requirements

Advanced Ads Requirements

The process will explain setting up everything for recommended plugins options to have everything covered. It’ll also guide you through the possibilities of targeting ads based on PeepSo and its plugins. This doc will not go into detail of the entire possibilities of targeting ads provided by Advanced Ads and Advanced Ads Pro. These are provided by their awesome developer.


  • Advanced Ads Version: 1.8
  • PeepSo Core Version: 1.8.2
  • PeepSo – Advanced Ads Integration Plugin Version: 1.8.2


  • Advanced Ads Version: Latest Available
  • Advanced Ads Pro Version: Latest Available
  • PeepSo Core Version: Latest Available
  • PeepSo – Advanced Ads Integration Plugin Version: Latest Available
  • Groups Version: Latest Available
  • VIP feature enabled