PeepSo Documentation

Activity Stream Configuration

Activity stream configuration can be found as soon as General configuration page is opened from WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration

General Section:

  • Default Stream Filter – Allows to select which will be the default stream filter for your community.
    • Community: Posts from the entire Community
    • Following: Posts only from members & groups you follow
  • Open Links in New Tab – When posting links in status updates, administrators can decide whether the links will open in a new browser tab or in the same tab. Opening links in a new tab keeps your users in the community and allows them to return quickly.
  • Hide Activity Stream From Non-Logged-In Users – When enabled, PeepSo will not show the activity stream, including status updates, posts, which privacy settings are “public”, to people who are not logged in.
  • Enable Repost – This way other members can share your post within the PeepSo network.
  • Enable Post updates upon user avatar change – Whenever a user updates his or hers avatar (profile picture) a post will be shown in the community stream.
  • Enable Post updates upon user cover change – Whenever a user updates his or hers cover image a post will be shown in the community stream.

Comments & Read More Sections

  • Number Of Comments To Display – The default number of comments to be displayed under each post. Recent comments will be shown but additional comments will be hidden. To see all comments, users need to click ‘Show All Comments’.
  • Show x more comments – If there are more comments than the number of comments to display a “show x more button” will appear to show more comments.
  • Show ‘read more’ after: [n] characters – will show read more anchor after n character
  • Redirect to single post view when post is longer than: [n] characters – read more anchor will redirect into single post if post longer than [n] character