PeepSo 1.8.2 Is Out

PeepSo 1.8.2 Is Out!

PeepSo 1.8.2 has been released and we’re pleased to inform about its immediate availability! With it quite a few exciting new features and improvements!

WordPress Social Invitations

We’ve worked with the developers from Timersys who are the creators of WordPress Social Invitations plugin to integrate their plugin with PeepSo Core. WSI is a powerful plugin that will let you and Your Community members invite friends from other social networks. A few words from WSI’s description:

Currently supported providers are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and Foursquare. We built a robust queue system to handle invitations for you. That way we don’t exceed the different API limits set by different providers like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and we ensure all invitations are sent.

In the very first version of this integration you can show multiple invitation options right on top of PeepSo Members Page. We’re planning on adding an invite button in the upcoming 1.8.3 version on users profile covers as well. We’re open for your suggestions here too! 🙂

Additionally, WSI comes with its own widget that could be placed in any widget position in your theme.

WordPress Social Invitations Integration Showing on PeepSo Members Page and in right column / widget position
WordPress Social Invitations Integration Showing on PeepSo Members Page and in right column / widget position

Styling Improvements

PeepSo has undergone a rather big overhaul when it comes to styling. The whole structure and approach has been changed quite drastically. All that has been done to address theme compatibility. As much as PeepSo worked great out of the box with 98% of all the themes that we’ve tested it on we were not feeling great about the 2%.

The issues were purely cosmetic and getting rid of lists in favor of blocks as well as a bunch of other styling changes has fixed this once and for all. In the upcoming 1.8.3 version we’ll also work on PeepSo Compatibility Mode, but more on that later 🙂 We also took this chance and lightened up PeepSo Toolbar and PostBox too! They do come in new style.

Tooblar and PostBox Styling
Tooblar and PostBox Styling

Unbreakable Upgrade System

Yep, you heard me 🙂 Introduced in PeepSo 1.8.1 and taking effect in this version. PeepSo comes with many plugins, previously to upgrade your plugins you had to follow a strict procedure of: Update all child plugins first, then and only then upgrade PeepSo Core. Of course, despite our best attempts not everyone followed this which resulted in a need for manual plugins update.

We’ve decided to make the whole upgrade system unbreakable. In short: you will NOT be able to upgrade PeepSo Core unless all of the child plugins are of the latest version.

PeepSo Upgrade
PeepSo Upgrade

When there’s an upgrade available you’ll be greeted with a message like the one in the screenshot:

There is a new version of PeepSo Core available (1.8.2), but it cannot be installed yet.
To avoid conflicts and issues, please make sure the following plugins are 1.8.2:
PeepSo Core: Videos (1.8.1)
PeepSo Core: Friends (1.8.1)


PeepSo Integrations: WPAdverts (1.8.1)
After updating these plugins please refresh this page, update PeepSo Core and reactivate all plugins.

So the upgrade procedure is:

  1. Upgrade child plugins
  2. Refresh the page
  3. Upgrade Core
  4. Reactivate all plugins if they were deactivated.

Having this system in place ensures that nothing gets broken and the whole upgrade procedure with automatic upgrades takes less than a few minutes. Yaay! No more manual upgrades!

Improvements To Child Plugins

We’ve worked a lot on styling and improving the visual aspect of some of the plugins in our offer like BlogPosts, Friends, Chat and more. Improvements to the notifications styling and loading was also introduced in this version. Few usability improvements have also been done to the WPAdverts Integration plugin. We’re open for suggestions regarding our plugins usability and styling to feel free to contact us about your needs and ideas!

Bug Fixes

Alongside new features and improvements we’ve also managed to fix quite a few bugs in this version. Most of the ones reported to us were either minor styling issues or warnings that were showing only in ‘development mode’. But we definitely managed to patch a few things in User Limits, VIP, BlogPosts, Friends, Chat, Groups and a few others. The full changelog for this version can be seen here.

Brought to you by PeepSo Team Eric Tracz
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@peepso_user_4779(Meka Ross)
The Wordpress social invite integration, is that free? I am unable to locate where to activate it.
June 22, 2017 8:48 pm
@peepso_user_3244(Jim Hart)
The Peepso folks are really battling to get this platform finished!
Jim Hart shared a GIF
July 23, 2017 6:09 am