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Tend to your plants gathers people who love gardening and shares some quality content on the subject.

Classifieds galore

AliveAdvisor Marketplace lets you browse various classifieds and post your own, with worldwide support.


RailAdvent UK is all about trains, their historical background and a lot more. Sign up for a steam-powered train ride, and get the latest railway news.

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Gardening Community Ireland is a community dedicated to gardening and landscaping and connects people interested in horticulture, mainly in Ireland.

This community offers tips on gardening timing depending on the season and weather, caring for the plants, supplier suggestions, internal competition and rewards program, as well as a showcase of famous local gardens. provides a direct Q&A system from the site founder, as well as a community club for its members, where they are free to exchange ideas and show off their creations.

Registering to is free and site browsing is open to visitors. It also provides a yearly Subscription program for The Irish Garden magazine, and keeps subscribers up to date on local gardening events and projects.

If you are a fan of Irish gardens and gardening in general, this community will make you feel at home.

RailAdvent UK

Railway Adventures – or better known as RailAdvent – is a wonderfully organized British site made for train enthusiasts. The rich content provides insight into historical development of trains and railroad infrastructure in the UK, alongside the modern trends. The community includes the latest news about freight, infrastructure and mainline network, as well as simulation games, news and reviews. RailAdvent also includes organized Tours for members to enjoy the rustic experience of riding vintage trains with steam-powered engines.

There is also a dedicated online shop that provides various products for train lovers. Premium footage of RailAdvent’s visits to railways is the featured site product. Product Categories include prints, calendars, keychains, clocks and much more, all corresponding to specific categories of railways and locomotives. RailAdvent community also features competitions for members, where they are able to win certain products through an engaging activity.

The RailAdvent community is very warm and welcoming. Visitors can view each segment of the site, but registration is required for participation in the Community, access to Online Shop and Simulation games. Registration is free, while there’s also the option of premium Annual Membership with discounts, more quality features, more personalized settings and more downloadable content.

WP Courses

WP Courses is an open eLearning community built by Automattic and therefore tightly connected to Here users can learn about Blogging, Podcasting and SEO, starting from a Beginner's level, and all courses are free. Learning tools consist of helpful blogs and videos, webinars and a dedicated YouTube channel.

Registration is free and having a profile ensures easy tracking of all courses attended. These easily accessible courses can be of great help for those who wish to polish their WordPress knowledge and enhance their networking skills.

AliveAdvisor Marketplace

AliveAdvisor Marketplace is an eCommerce-oriented website and an offshoot of AliveAdvisor Business Advisory Services owned by Octobotic Corporation. AliveAdvisor Marketplace features a wide range of classifieds posted by users and community affiliates.

Registering to the community is free and users have the ability to post their own classifieds, as well as apply for the affiliate program. Site use is otherwise open and users can browse a wide range of classifieds, and possibly find good deals for items they might need.

Eat Formula

Eat Formula is an open culinary community dedicated to collecting healthy, imaginative food recipes and sharing them with interested users.

Users can create recipes and share them, with the possibility of implementing their own YouTube videos of the cooking process and photos of their creations. Every recipe can be commented on and rated, depending on the author's settings.


NBA 2KW was created by NBA 2K / IRL ballers for NBA 2K video game ballers. The community is designed as a resource to provide NBA 2K heads with their own unique platform where they can grow their game, share, discuss, and team-up with other NBA 2K ballers.

Reppin’ Sim Nation to the fullest, NBA 2KW community prides itself in providing NBA 2K enthusiasts with an environment that contains up-to-date news on every facet of the NBA 2K series, offering tips, tools, and much more. The lively community lets you interact with other people of the same franchise, exchange useful info and generally have fun.

The site also provides high BBALL IQ expertise on NBA 2K tips, and boasts as the best NBA 2K gaming platform today. They can be followed on social media for news, updates and exclusive content that you cannot find elsewhere.

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