Version: 1.9.9


Open, closed and secret user groups. GroupSo plugin allows your community to create groups. Communities, especially those revolving around a general topic, groups are a very useful tool. They allow your users to focus on a particular thing. There are open (public) and closed groups available at this time.

People being part of groups also have a tendency to feel more ‘at home’ with the exact focus they’re looking for.

What to expect when installing and activating Groups:

  • Ability to create Open, Closed and Secret Groups (can be limited so that only community admins are able to create groups)
  • Full integration with: Photos, Videos, Tags, Moods, Location plugins which extend¬†Groups features.
  • Group invitations.
  • Group notifications.
  • Group page view.
  • Groups navigation menu in the Toolbar.
  • Group Categories.
  • Group search and filtering.