Navigating Algorithm Changes: Why Owning Your Own Social Network Matters

In the dynamic realm of vast social network platforms, algorithm changes wield significant influence over how content is distributed, discovered, and engaged with. As Facebook celebrates its 20th anniversary, I recall its humble beginnings two decades ago. Back then, it was a completely different platform compared to its modern iteration. The most notable distinction? The absence or, at best, primitive nature of algorithms. This meant content discovery wasn’t restricted by viewer preferences but rather by users’ ability to find content they were interested in.

Fast forward to today, your entire presence on major social networks is influenced by algorithms. For ordinary users, this means your favorite social network will suggest content you’re most likely to want to see based on your previous experiences or usage of the network. However, for business owners, these changes often dictate the reach and visibility of their posts, impacting their ability to effectively connect with their audience.

What’s Algorithm?

Algorithms typically refer to the adjustments made by social media platforms to their underlying infrastructure, determining the content users see on their feeds or in their searches. These algorithms aim to recognize your preferences and tailor your experience on the network accordingly, showing you content you’re likely to enjoy while filtering out what you’re not interested in. For instance, if you’ve ever wondered how YouTube knows you’re interested in lawnmowers and suggests videos about them, it’s likely because you previously searched for lawnmowers on Google.

The Impact on Businesses

For businesses and content creators reliant on third-party social media platforms, algorithm changes can be a double-edged sword. While these updates aim to enhance user experience and relevance, they often result in fluctuations in reach and engagement. This volatility can disrupt marketing strategies, jeopardize brand visibility, and hinder growth efforts, potentially harming your business. Furthermore, the notoriety of big social networks asking you to pay for reach underscores the importance of considering having your own social network.

Why Owning a PeepSo Social Network Matters

Control With a PeepSo social network, businesses have full control over their content distribution, ensuring that content is displayed as it is without complex algorithms influencing visibility. This simplicity fosters trust and reliability among users, leading to higher engagement and retention rates.

Consistency: Owning a PeepSo social network provides a shield against the uncertainties brought about by algorithm shifts, offering a myriad of benefits for sustained growth and engagement.

Independence from External Factors: Unlike on third-party platforms where algorithm changes are beyond the user’s control, owning a PeepSo social network eliminates the risks associated with external disruptions. Businesses can maintain consistency in content delivery, unaffected by algorithmic shifts.

Tailored User Experience: PeepSo social networks offer a straightforward user experience, where content is displayed chronologically or as it is posted. This simplicity ensures that users receive content in a clear and unfiltered manner, enhancing user satisfaction and trust.

Community Building: Build Your Community. Your Way.® Businesses can foster a loyal and engaged community within their private social network. By providing valuable content and facilitating meaningful interactions, businesses can drive sustained growth and user engagement.

In Conclusion

In a social media world where algorithms wield considerable influence over content visibility and engagement, owning a PeepSo social network offers a refuge from the uncertainties of third-party platforms. By providing control, simplicity, and a tailored user experience, PeepSo-based social networks empower businesses to build thriving communities, foster meaningful connections, and drive sustained growth in the digital age. As businesses seek alternatives to traditional social media platforms, the importance of owning a private social network becomes increasingly evident in ensuring long-term success and resilience. We at PeepSo are here to help you achieve all of that.

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@peepso_user_156506(Gary Wayne)
Thank you! This is exactly why we chose to go with PeepSo. Straight forward chronological display of content and people in groups are notified of when posts happen. What many people hate about Facebook and other networks like TikTok, etc.,. is their algorithm. People who have 7,000 followers and only reaching 100 on a post on Facebook is not good at all, then forcing a business to pay to reach the people that want to follow them. Our team is cheering on PeepSo and we appreciate your advancements.