PeepSo – WPAdverts Integration"/>
Version: 1.9.9

PeepSo – WPAdverts Integration

Monetize your community with paid ads. WPAdverts is a light-weight plugin which allows to build beautiful classifieds site in minutes. Running a classifieds site alone can be challenging. However, adding a classified ads to your existing community, fantastic idea!

Communities revolving around specific topics, but not only, have an amazing potential to be monetized by their admins. If you have a community revolving around gardening and your members are actually proud garden owners, you give them the chance to buy / sell their plants, seeds, tools and whatever else they might need to get or get rid of. You as a Community Admin can charge your members for posting such ads. You can diversify your pricing and offer:

  • FREE 1 day
  • $9,99 week
  • $19,99 month

Even if people go for the Free 1 day option, just because they either can’t afford it or simply don’t want to pay, they will need to return to your community to post the ad back. This is of course totally up to you, WPAdverts plugin has all those options built right in and you will be able to quickly set your own pricing.

Seamless Integration

The integration plugin has been designed with, amongst others, one main goal: seamless integration of classified ads within PeepSo community. The design of ads and how they are displayed blends in fabulously with users’ profiles, ad posts on stream etc.

Some Of The Features:

  • Classified Ads in user profiles.
  • Managing own Classified ads in Profile view.
  • When Ads are published, they also show on main PeepSo Community Feed.
  • Classifieds directory within PeepSo view.
  • Classified creation within PeepSo view.
  • Once ads expire the posts are removed from main PeepSo Community Feed.
  • Full integration with all official WPAdverts addons like: Featured Ads etc.