Version: 1.9.9


Assign custom badges to users. The VIP plugin lets you assign a special icon to users who deserve to stand out. The icon is displayed either before or after the user’s name on every membership list. You’ll be able to mark users as VIPs or as staff members, exactly as we do for moderators on the community.

Where Is The Icon Displayed?

This plugin is integrated with PeepSo Core and is fully integrated into the Friends, Chat and Groups plugins. Wherever your community members are listed, the icon will appear alongside their name.

VIP Icon Settings

The VIP plugin has three setting areas:

  • The general plugin settings are available at the backend of your website at PeepSo > Config > VIP tab. You will be able to switch the integration on or off, and decide whether the icon should display before or after the users’ names.
  • Settings on the VIP Icons page let you change the icons’ descriptions as well as upload custom icons of your choice. These settings are available at the backend of your site at PeepSo > VIP Icons.
  • The icons are assigned to user profiles in the backend of your WordPress site. Navigate to Users, find the user you wish to grant a VIP Icon, and edit their profile. In the ‘VIP’ configuration section, check the user as a VIP user and choose the icon from the list.

Easy Customization

The plugin comes with eight default icons with editable labels. But you can also add your own icons. You can simply upload new icons of your choice. Because the plugin uses .SVG files by default, the icons will be sharp regardless of the the screen size or resolution. You can also use .png, .jpg (raster) images, those might not look great in all scenarios though.