Assign custom badges to users. The VIP plugin lets you assign a special icon to users who deserve to stand out. The icon is displayed either before or after the user’s name on every membership list. You’ll be able to mark users as VIPs or as staff members, exactly as we do for moderators on the community.

This plugin is integrated with PeepSo Core and is fully integrated into the Friends, Chat and Groups plugins. Wherever your community members are listed, the icon will appear alongside their name.

Default VIP Icons

Comes with a set of 8 default VIP icons.

VIP Icons on All User Listings

VIP Icons show in all user listings throughout PeepSo and its plugins.

Your Own VIP Icons

Upload your own custom image .PNG or .SVG

VIP Icons Placement

Decide to show VIP icon in front or after user’s name.

VIP Names

Name your VIP icons to your liking, use it to group users, make your staff stand out etc.

* Screenshots show PeepSo and some of its plugins like: Photos, Videos, Hashtags etc. with PeepSo Theme: Gecko. Screenshots are for presentation purposes and the outcome may vary with other themes, plugins installed and configuration selected.