Hashtags Community Widget

Hashtags widget that can be placed anywhere on your WordPress site. It shows a tag cloud of the most used hashtags in posts throughout the entire community.

Available widget settings:

  • Title – Decide what’s the title for the widget. By default, it’s called ‘Community Hashtags’
  • Limit – How many hashtags should be shown in the tag cloud.
  • Display – Cloud, List, or Mixed hashtags within the widget.
  • Sorted – Can be sorted by Name: In alphabetical order or Size: The more hashtag is used per post, the larger its ‘size’ and it gives your users an at-a-glance view of favorite community hashtags.
    ↑ ↓ Ascending /Descending order: smallest or first or earliest in the order will appear at the top of the list and vice versa.
  • Minimum post count: Admin can exclude hashtags below a certain size from the widget. Decide to only show hashtags that count e.g. if the setting is 0 all hashtags will show, if 1 = hashtags with at least 1 post will show, etc.

Customize mobile menu

With the new mobile menu redesigned, you can now customize layout and color options located in Gecko Customizer -> Theme, in the Mobile menu appearance section.

Basic settings

Menu settings, Above and Under menu widget settings

Customize WooCommerce

With the help of Gecko Customizer, you can customize the product layout in mobile view. Force single column on Mobile or disable it to allow WooCommerce default settings or 3rd party page builders settings like Elementor.

More available options:

  • Builder friendly products – Makes every single product view builder-friendly.
  • Show sidebars on Product pages – Controls sidebar’s visibility on products pages globally.

Customize Sticky Top Widget Areas

With the help of Gecko Customizer you can customize Sticky Top (above header) and Sticky Top (under header) areas. To do this go to WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer -> Widgets -> Sticky Top (above header) / Sticky Top (under header).

When you expand the settings of this item, you will find:

  • Background color – adjust the background color
  • Text color – adjust text color
  • Links color – adjust link color
  • Links hover color – adjust link color on hover
  • Font-size – adjust font size
  • Additional padding inside bar – set additional padding if necessary
  • Full width – Will remove container maximum width and default side padding.
  • Display on desktop – Enable or disable the position in the desktop view
  • Display on mobile – Enable or disable the item in the mobile view

Set Up Side Navigation Bar

In version we introduced the possibility of setting Side navigation bar from which you will have access to:

  • Search function
  • Activity stream
  • Profile page
  • Members’ tabs
  • Profile settings
  • Friends requests
  • Messages
  • Notifications
  • Logout option

This feature is currently in BETA version and will be developed in future PeepSo releases. The side navigation bar settings can be found in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko customizer -> Theme -> Sidenav. In the basic settings, the available options are:

  • Show sidenav: activates the side navigation bar
  • Logo upload: allows you to upload a logo which will appear at the top of the navigation bar

Exclude Ad Categories From Creating The Activity Stream

You can exclude ad categories from appearing on the main stream in the settings of a third-party WPAdverts plugin. To do this:

  1. Go to WP Admin -> Classifieds -> Categories
  2. Select the category you would like to exclude
  3. Turn off the PeepSo WP Adverts integration setting at the bottom of the category settings.

Customize Your Font

With the help of Gecko Customizer settings, you can customize the font used on your site. You can find these settings in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer -> Site -> Fonts.

Choose the font you want to use on the site from the Google fonts available in the list.

You can also change the font size, line-height and its colors using the settings available in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer -> Site -> Typography.

Sidebar Widgets In Application

If you just published your app and wondering where all your widgets go, do not worry. By default, all Gecko theme widget positions are disabled to preserve the precious screen real estate. If you really must enable them, then find these options in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Mobile App

We do however recommend to keep bare minimum of enabled widget positions, because managing the mobile phone screen space is much different than one on a physical computer and your users might get confused what is what.


Theme Body settings

Theme Body settings can be used to add the website background image. The settings are located in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer -> Theme, Body section.

Available options are:

  • Body background image size – image size can be Auto, Cover or set to Contain
  • Body background image repeat – background image can be set to Do not repeat, Repeat, Repeat vertically, Repeat horizontally 

A custom CSS Body class can be assigned per different Theme Preset.

Customize Site Logo

With the settings available in Gecko Customizer, you will be able to upload and customize your site logo. You can find these settings in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer -> Site -> Logo Section.

Logo Image section:

Here you will find settings to upload logos separately for desktop and mobile devices.

Tagline section:

  • Show tagline next to the logo – enables the display of tagline text next to the logo. Tagline text can be set in WP Admin -> Settings -> General.
  • Show tagline on mobile – enable this setting if you also want the tagline text to be displayed on mobile devices.

Other section:

  • Logo link redirect – the page the user will be redirected to after clicking on the logo.
  • Logo height – logo height on desktop devices.
  • Mobile logo height – logo height on mobile devices.

If you want to change the color of tagline text and logo text you can change it in WP Admin -> Gecko -> Gecko Customizer ->Theme -> Header -> Header colors section settings.