Profile details & Followers

It’s no longer necessary to install the Friends plugin to have Follows in your community. PeepSo can keep a count of how many followers each user has, and how many users they follow. There is also a Followers tab in the user profiles.

it’s possible to show member since and last online in the same area under the cover, the administrator can configure the visibility of these items. Please bear in mind, these settings do not control the privacy of the features, only who to show the details under the cover to.

These new settings can be found in PeepSo > Configuration > Appearance.

Become a Dokan Vendor

With the help of the PeepSo Monetization: WooCommerce integration plugin, you can enable your site users to become a Vendor. The settings that allow you to send a request to become a Vendor can be found in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> WooCommerce -> Dokan section.

In the integration settings you will find:

  • Let users become vendors – select one of the available options to enable or disable the ability to send a request to become a Vendor. If you select one of the options to allow sending the request, an additional section will appear in the user’s profile preferences. To find it, go to Profile page -> Preferences -> Vendor Application section and use Apply to become a vendor button.

After sending the request, depending on whether we have chosen to accept it in the integration settings, we have to accept it or not in the third-party Dokan plugin settings. You can find them in WP Admin -> Dokan -> Vendors.

  • Profile tab – use the Enabled switch to make an additional Products tab appear in the PeepSo profile navigation when you accept the request to become a Vendor. You can also change its name by entering it in the Label position.
  • Dashboard – use the Enabled switch so that when you accept the request to become a Vendor, an additional Dashboard tab appears in the PeepSo profile navigation. You can also rename it by entering it in the Label position.


Compatibility settings

Compatibility settings are located in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Advanced, which could resolve issues with specific hosting settings and plugin conflicts. / JetPack – compatibility mode for resolving specific issues with hosting and JetPack plugin

Divi Builder – compatibility mode for resolving issues with Divi styles that are known to cause a conflict with PeepSo

Post Backgrounds

The free PeepSo Foundation will allow you to add a post with a custom background. To enable adding posts with their own backgrounds activate the Post Backgrounds setting located in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration – Stream Posts -> Post Backgrounds section.

In the Post Backgrounds settings you will find:

  • Enabled switch – enable or disable Post Backgrounds
  • Maximum post length – set the maximum length of the post
  • Allow linebreaks – allow linebreaks by selecting values from 0 to 6

You can also manage backgrounds in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Manage -> Post Backgrounds.

You can add your own background by clicking the Add New button at the top right of the settings.

After adding a new background, you can:

  • Publish it with the Published switch to make it available to users.
  • Change the image with the Change image button.
  • Change the color of the text that appears on the background by clicking Select Color.
  • Name the background in the upper left corner of the background setting.

To add a post with a background on the stream select Post type: Post background from the options available in the postbox.


WP Event Manager Backend Configuration

Available Options

Profile integration 

  • Enabled – Enables the integration with PeepSo
  • Profile owner only – When enabled link in the profile navigation is only shown to profile owners

Display options

  • Order by – order events by Date:start, Date: last modified, Date: Created and by Title
  • Order – ascending or descending 
  • Show filters – show categories, show event types


  • URL Slug – set to events by default
  • Label – set to Events by default

Frontend Event Management

Managing Events on the frontend will only work with this feature enabled in this panel

Activity Stream

New events

  • Enabled – when enabled PeepSo stream posts will be created for new events
  • Action text – action text for the event
  • Append title – add event title after action text
  • Default privacy – privacy setting for the new events posts: Public, Site Members, Friends Only, and Only Me are available

RSVP “yes” (BETA)

  • Enabled – when enabled new activity post will be created for the user that is attending the event 
  • Action text – action text for the RSVP “yes” post
  • Append title – add event title after action text
  • Default privacy – privacy setting for the RSVP “yes” posts


Allow automatic stream deletions (BETA)– When enabled, PeepSo would delete stream posts when an event is unpublished / deleted or when a user changes their RSPV status. Highly experimental feature, use with caution.


  • Enabled – enabled by default
  • Attendees in sidebar – set to 1 attendee by default
  • WPEM registrations – enabled by default



  • Two columns in the box – switch to two column view
  • PeepSo Wrapper – display WPEM pages to match the PeepSo look with PeepSo toolbar on top

Single event view

Side: Show PeepSo author info – Show PeepSo username and link to the profile of the event author

Settings Within PeepSo

After enabling the compatible wrapper, the Mobile App Settings will be available in the WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration

Configuration is divided into two sections, one for Gecko Theme and the other for PeepSo-related features.


Gecko configuration consist of controlling the certain Gecko features as well as disabling widget positions.
While they are not disabled by default, you may actually consider to disable some of them, especially the widget positions to save valuable screen real estate on mobile phones.


Configuration for PeepSo includes:

  • Disable PeepSo Navigation Bar – Hide the PeepSo Navigation Bar in app context. Recommended to maintain a clean app design and when you have app navigation solved otherwise.
  • Disable Activity Social Sharing
  • Disable Display view count
  • Collapsed comments
  • Disable Hover Cards – Recommended to be off because hover cards require additional tap action to show, unlike mouse hover on computer.

Within PeepSo configuration, you can disable certain community links as well. If only free foundation PeepSo plugin is installed, there will only be the following options:

  • Disable Activity – Disables the activity link, not the page itself
  • Disable Members – Disables the link to members page, not the page itself
  • Disable Log Out – Disables the link to logout, effectively preventing user to log out
  • Disable Preferences – Disables the link to profile preferences

If you add more plugins to PeepSo, like, for example, Groups, then the option to hide Groups-related links will also show up.




Gecko Theme Settings

After installing compatible wrapper, a new option will be available in Gecko Theme under WP Admin -> Gecko -> Settings -> App tab.

Currently there is only one option available there, to enable or disable Dedicated app widget positions. What this option will do is simply enable the new widget positions in the Gecko theme app context. It is not necessary to use it unless you want to specifically show some widgets in that positions on mobile phones only. New positions will be available for you to choose when publishing the widget and they’ll have the suffix (Mobile App).

Friends Configuration

Maximum amount of friends

Gives you the option to set a finite number of friends users can have. The limit of friends applies to all users, including the administrators.

AutoFriends Configuration

Automatically create friendship connections. AutoFriends allows automatic friendship formation between selected users and everyone else in the community including new registrations. If you want to be friends with everyone, this is the way to do it.

It works like magic! Search for a user and add them to the list. All newly registered members will now become friends with that user. To create friend connections between all existing members, just click the ‘Befriend all Users’ button.

Want to stop making new friends? Just remove the user from the list. Existing friendship connections will not be affected but the user will no longer become automatic friends with newly registered users.

Make Friends

Automatically create friendships relations between a selected user and your entire community. To create new relation:

  • Search a user name you want to add in AutoFriend list in search field and click it.
  • Click “Befriend All Users” button or if you have more than one user, check the checkbox and select bulk action “Befriend All Users” and click apply. Once clicked it’ll add that user as friends to everyone else in your PeepSo community.

New User Friends

Decide whether to create new friendship connection between a selected user and newly registered ones. When you add a user to a list it will automatically create friendship between that user and any newly registered user. It will not create friendships between this user and already existing ones.

Remove User AutoFriends

To remove user from automatically creating friendship, click “Remove” button on the list or with bulk action remove. Removing user from the list will NOT remove existing friendship connections.

Performance Configuration

You can find these settings in WP Admin -> Peepso -> Configuration -> Advanced > Performance Panel


  • User Blocking
    Enable: Users will be able to block each other. This feature might degrade performance for users with many blocks.
  • Enable “load more”
    Enable: Will disable infinite loading of activity stream posts, member listings, etc. To load more content users have to press “load more” button.

    • No
    • Everywhere
    • Mobile only
    • Desktop only
  • External Maintenance Cron Job
    Enable: will use an external cron job to process the PeepSo Maintenance scripts. It’s recommended for bigger communities. Documentation on how to set up the Cron Job can be found here

UserBar Widget

You can add PeepSo UserBar widget in WP Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets

Widget settings:

  • Content Position:
    • Left
    • Right
    • Center
    • Space in between
  • Guest view:
    • Log-in link – Will show login link for guests
    • Hide – Widget will be hidden for guests
  • Name style:
    • Hidden
    • Short name
    • Full name
  • Compact mode:
    • Disable
    • Mobile
    • Desktop
    • Always
  • Avatar – Enable: will show User avatar on the widget
  • Notification – Enable: will show PeepSo notifications menu
  • User dropdown menu – Enable: will show user dropdown menu
  • Logout icon – Enable: will show logout icon on the widget
  • VIP icon – Enable: will show VIP icons on the widget (requires VIP feature enabled)
  • Badges – Enable: will show user Badges on the widget (requires BadgeOS plugin)