Frontend Events Filter option

For listed events, there is an available filter option in profiles: all my events, which includes all events created and RSVPd by the user. There’s also a group of settings configurable in the backend, controlling how to sort the events in profiles and whether to hide certain filters (or even all of them).

Available filter options are:

  • All events
  • Created by me
  • Attending or interested
  • Attending
  • Interested

Creating The Event

Users can create events right in the community view. On the navigation bar, there will be a new menu “Events” which will point to a new page “Events”.

To add a new event, click Create button and fill the form. If the user is logged in, the form row data shows “Your account: You are currently signed in as (your username). Sign out”.

The following are Event Fields:

  • Event Title
  • Event Type
  • Event Category
  • Online Event
  • Event Address
  • Event Location
  • Event Banner
  • Event Description
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • End Date
  • End Time
  • Venue Name
  • Zip Code
  • Event Location
  • Registration Email/URL
  • Registration Deadline
  • Thumbnail
  • Ticket Option

* With the Recurring Events add-on, it’s possible to repeat events on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Once the addon is installed and activated additional options will appear :

  • Event Recurrence: Don’t repeat, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Repeat Every: Choose the number of day(s) you want between each occurrence of the event.
  • Day Name: Select the weekday for occurrence.
  • Repeat Until: Choose the date till you want to repeat the event.

Preview of first event and submit.

Our RSVP buttons are available in WPEM widgets. The event sidebar attendee list has a configurable limit of users shown.

RSVP buttons are available in the event listings layout as well.

Frontend Events Calendar view

To view the event listings navigate to Calendar tab where all listings will show, either in list or box view.

Events list view

Events box view

An event calendar that shows you all the events going to be held on a particular date is also available however requires Event Calendar Add-on installed and activated.

Upon plugin installation calendar icon will appear on the Event listing page to show all the available events on the website in calendar view.


WP Event Manager Backend Configuration

Available Options

Profile integration 

  • Enabled – Enables the integration with PeepSo
  • Profile owner only – When enabled link in the profile navigation is only shown to profile owners

Display options

  • Order by – order events by Date:start, Date: last modified, Date: Created and by Title
  • Order – ascending or descending 
  • Show filters – show categories, show event types


  • URL Slug – set to events by default
  • Label – set to Events by default

Frontend Event Management

Managing Events on the frontend will only work with this feature enabled in this panel

Activity Stream

New events

  • Enabled – when enabled PeepSo stream posts will be created for new events
  • Action text – action text for the event
  • Append title – add event title after action text
  • Default privacy – privacy setting for the new events posts: Public, Site Members, Friends Only, and Only Me are available

RSVP “yes” (BETA)

  • Enabled – when enabled new activity post will be created for the user that is attending the event 
  • Action text – action text for the RSVP “yes” post
  • Append title – add event title after action text
  • Default privacy – privacy setting for the RSVP “yes” posts


Allow automatic stream deletions (BETA)– When enabled, PeepSo would delete stream posts when an event is unpublished / deleted or when a user changes their RSPV status. Highly experimental feature, use with caution.


  • Enabled – enabled by default
  • Attendees in sidebar – set to 1 attendee by default
  • WPEM registrations – enabled by default



  • Two columns in the box – switch to two column view
  • PeepSo Wrapper – display WPEM pages to match the PeepSo look with PeepSo toolbar on top

Single event view

Side: Show PeepSo author info – Show PeepSo username and link to the profile of the event author