Snippet: Hide poll item votes

Note: this is the custom code change and as such is not officially supported by PeepSo team. You should create the full backup of your site before applying custom codes.


This snippet will hide the poll vote count, for better appearance on mobile, as shown on the screenshots bellow:

Default appearance

With custom code

How To Apply This Snippet?

  • Method 1 (Manually) – Open the WordPress Admin Panel and navigate to “Appearance -> Customize”. Once WordPress Customizer is open, expand the Custom CSS panel and copy the snippet to it.
  • Method 2 (Trough plugin) – NOT SUPPORTED! Since this is a CSS change, you can’t use the plugins like Code Snippets to add it. It must be installed manually.

Create Poll

The Polls feature allows you and your community to create polls. The polls can be placed in the main activity stream, in user’s profiles and even in groups. When creating a poll users can set either a:

  • single select poll – users can pick just one answer.
  • multiple select poll – users can pick more than one answer.

Users can cast their votes once per poll. The design is sleek and simple, and because it’s fully responsive, it looks great on mobile as well as on desktops. Logged out users see the polls on posts, but can’t vote or see the poll results. They are prompted to login to vote and see results.

Poll’s Configuration

In version. the PeepSo Polls plugin has been merged with the free PeepSo Foundation and no longer exists as a separate plugin. You can find the settings in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Stream posts -> Polls section.

Available Options

  • Multi select polls
    • Enabled: users can cast more than one vote in each poll
    • Disabled: users can only vote for one option in each poll
  • Polls in groups
    • Enabled: polls are available in group posts
    • Disabled: polls are only available on community and profile streams
  • Allow vote changes – Does not apply to poll author and administrators
    • Enabled: users can change or delete their votes
    • Disabled: votes are final
  • Always show results – Does not apply to poll author and administrators
    • Enabled: users can see poll results before voting
    • Disabled: results are hidden from users who haven’t voted yet
  • Sort results by votes
    • No
    • Descending
    • Ascending