PMP & VIP Integration

PMP can be combined with VIP feature. You can assign a VIP Icon based on their membership level. To set this feature, go to WP Admin -> Memberships -> Edit the membership level and decide which VIP icon should a user get after signing up with that membership. Click Update and it’s done. Now every members with certain membership level will have vip icon on their profile based on registered VIP icon on their membership level.

PMP Configuration

Access this configuration by going to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> PMP Integration



Available Options

  • Enable PMP Integration – Enable/Disable Peepso PMP membership integration.
  • Enable integration upon PeepSo registration – Enable/Disable the PMP integration upon user registration
  • Force complete membership for users that have no membership plans – Enable redirect for users that have no membership assigned and force them to complete a membership plan
  • Enable email notifications for users that have no membership plans – Enable/Disable email notifications for users that have no membership plans
  • Hide “Membership” tab in user profiles – Don’t show membership level in the user profile.
  • User Login State Handler – Choose login state handler, with Cookie or Session.
  • Strict group memberships (BETA) – Enabled, users who lose access to a membership level will be removed from all groups assigned to its membership level

BadgeOs + PMP Membership

BadgeOS can be combined with PMP Membership.

On your BadgeOs setting you can add membership level on achievement step so user can have their membership badge upon registration based on membership level. To set this feature, go to:
WP Admin -> BadgeOs > Badges > Add New and in the Required Steps section pick: PeepSo Community Engagement -> Checkout Membership Level Upon Registration and select membership level you set for the badge. Click Publish and it’s done. New members who register with membership level you set up with badgeos. They will have Badge on their profile.

New registered user got new membership badge.

Membership Badge on profile page.