Sidebar Widgets In Application

If you just published your app and wondering where all your widgets go, do not worry. By default, all Gecko theme widget positions are disabled to preserve the precious screen real estate. If you really must enable them, then find these options in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Mobile App

We do however recommend to keep bare minimum of enabled widget positions, because managing the mobile phone screen space is much different than one on a physical computer and your users might get confused what is what.


Getting Started With PeepSo Mobile App Integration

Before you start implementing the mobile app for your site, you need to know how app works and what it can or can not do for you. We use mobile app wrappers to smoothly integrate into the mobile site experience and that is where PeepSo’s influence ends.

Please be aware that that you most likely won’t be able to use these features

  • Push notifications – require third-party service and we don’t support any at this moment
  • Third-party Themes – It is impossible for us to control how other themes will behave within the mobile app wrapper. Using Gecko theme is a hard requirement. Since Gecko theme is included in all bundles, if you already have PeepSo mobile app integration plugin, you’ll have the Gecko theme too.

Install And Enable Integration Plugin & Gecko Theme

If you didn’t do it by now, it is the right time to install PeepSo Mobile App Integration plugin that you can find in the Installer if you use the proper bundle. Simply install and activate it. If you need more help with how to configure plugin, check this documentation page.

Install Gecko Theme from the same installer page if you didn’t already. You can see available options for Gecko theme here.

Choose Your Wrapper

Currently, PeepSo officially support only one wrapper, MobiLoud.

MobiLoud does have the installer on WordPress plugin directory, but you won’t be able to use it unless you have paid license.
You can obtain MobiLoud license here.

Our plugin will also work with WPMA however we are unable to guarantee the functionality or provide technical support. It should be treated as a DIY budget alternative to MobiLoud.


MobiLoud requires activation license before you can use it. Please refer to the plugin author for all the support and configuration.

Publishing The App

It is simple as that, once you’re ready to publish your app on the App Stores, purchase the wrapper license and follow the instructions they will provide for you.
Please note that your app might be rejected by Google or Apple if you don’t follow the official guidelines for submitting applications.
For your convenience here are the guidelines you should follow:

Settings Within PeepSo

After enabling the compatible wrapper, the Mobile App Settings will be available in the WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration

Configuration is divided into two sections, one for Gecko Theme and the other for PeepSo-related features.


Gecko configuration consist of controlling the certain Gecko features as well as disabling widget positions.
While they are not disabled by default, you may actually consider to disable some of them, especially the widget positions to save valuable screen real estate on mobile phones.


Configuration for PeepSo includes:

  • Disable PeepSo Navigation Bar – Hide the PeepSo Navigation Bar in app context. Recommended to maintain a clean app design and when you have app navigation solved otherwise.
  • Disable Activity Social Sharing
  • Disable Display view count
  • Collapsed comments
  • Disable Hover Cards – Recommended to be off because hover cards require additional tap action to show, unlike mouse hover on computer.

Within PeepSo configuration, you can disable certain community links as well. If only free foundation PeepSo plugin is installed, there will only be the following options:

  • Disable Activity – Disables the activity link, not the page itself
  • Disable Members – Disables the link to members page, not the page itself
  • Disable Log Out – Disables the link to logout, effectively preventing user to log out
  • Disable Preferences – Disables the link to profile preferences

If you add more plugins to PeepSo, like, for example, Groups, then the option to hide Groups-related links will also show up.




Gecko Theme Settings

After installing compatible wrapper, a new option will be available in Gecko Theme under WP Admin -> Gecko -> Settings -> App tab.

Currently there is only one option available there, to enable or disable Dedicated app widget positions. What this option will do is simply enable the new widget positions in the Gecko theme app context. It is not necessary to use it unless you want to specifically show some widgets in that positions on mobile phones only. New positions will be available for you to choose when publishing the widget and they’ll have the suffix (Mobile App).

Can’t Access The Plugin Configuration

As it is the case with every PeepSo plugin that integrates with third-party plugin, you’ll need to have proper third-party wrapper plugin installed first, otherwise, you’ll see this message.

You can find compatible wrapper plugins at the list below:

After installing and activating one of the compatible wrappers, the option to access PeepSo Mobile App integration will now be available.



System Requirements for Mobile App

What is PeepSo Mobile App Integration?

This plugin improves PeepSo integration with third-party mobile app site wrappers allowing you to take greater control of the PeepSo interface in app context.

System Requirements For Running The Mobile App

  • Mobile Application Wrapper Plugin – Officially supported wrapper is MobiLoud.
  • Gecko ThemeThis is the hard requirement. You absolutely must use Gecko Theme as we can’t ensure the compatibility with random third-party themes where we don’t have control over the functionality of the theme and the potential issues that might arise.

What Mobile App Integration Won’t Do?

Before deciding to use mobile application, there are few things you need to be aware that it can’t do for you because those things are not closely related to PeepSo.

  • Push Notifications – This is usually a third-party service that requires additional development and money investment on client’s side.
  • App Store Submissions – It is solely your responsibility to ensure all submissions guidelines by Google and Apple are strictly followed before submitting your app to their respective stores.
  • Any other issue not directly linked to PeepSo.

Official PeepSo Support

At this time, Mobile App integration only supports PeepSo Core and Extras plugins, without Integrations and Monetization. Please bear in mind, having on-site payments/e-commerce and/or social login in your app might prevent you from being accepted in Apple App Store

We are happy to look into anything that might be a PeepSo bug in app context but in the end most of the technical support will have to go through the respective app wrapper solution providers.

If you install and activate the PeepSo Mobile App integration plugin without first installing the required wrapper, you will receive a notice in the dashboard informing you of the required wrapper.