Chat page

Chat/Messages page can be accessed via the PeepSo navigation bar, click messages icon > view all. Here you can create a new conversation, search for chat messages, bulk delete, or mark it as read/unread.

Start a new conversation

You can start a new conversation with other users by clicking on ‘New message’ button. Create message dialog will appear, select recipients and write your message, you can also attach some images and gif there, click `Send` button to send the message.

Search for chat messages

Search chat messages by content or users

Delete messages

Mark some chat messages, select bulk delete, and click apply to delete it


Mark as read/unread

Mark some chat messages, select bulk read/unread and click apply to mark it as read/unread

Conversation settings

Clicking on the cog in the upper right corner will bring up the following conversation options:

  • Add People to the conversation
  • Don’t send read receipt
  • Mute conversation
  • Leave this conversation

Hide Messages For Guest Users

By default, messages page is publicly available and this can cause issues when users that are not logged in try to access it.  A generic 404 page may show up as well.

To mitigate this problem, you can use additional arguments to [peepso_messages] shortcode.
They are:

1. [peepso_messages guest_behavior="silent"]
2. [peepso_messages guest_behavior="login"]

Silent Behavior

If you decide to use first shortcode for the messages page, once users that are not logged in try to open the messages page, they will not see anything. It will be just an empty space where messages should be.

Login Behavior

Second shortcode option is by far superior because it forces the display of login form on the page where messages should be.


Receive New Chats From Friends Only

Sometimes, users will not be comfortable with getting messages from entire community and may decide that only friends can send them new messages.

As an admin, you can enable this configuration globally as explained in this article, but users also have the possibility to override this setting by going to their profile, then clicking on “Update Info” button in the cover and switching to “Preferences” tab.

At the very bottom of the page, there will be multiple options regarding chat behavior. Checking the “Allow new messages only from friends ” will take effect immediately and only friends will be able to send messages to that user. Admin user is exception to this rule.


Starting a Group Conversation

To create the group chat with multiple friends, navigate to the messages page that was created when Chat plugin was enabled as explained in this article.

In the top right corner, there will be a “New message” button.

Press this button and the window to add recipients will show up.

Select users you want to start the chat with, write your message and send it.
They will all receive the message in the group conversation.

Initiate Chat With Users

Initiating the chat new chat is possible through many different locations.

User Profile

Most commonly, chat can be initiated by clicking on the chat icon in user profile

Members List

Users can also start the chat from members list

Messages Page

When Chat plugin was installed, it created another page as explained in this article.
You can publish that page in the menu and then users can access it to start a new chat.

Accessing Chat

There are multiple ways users can access the chat on the site.

Notification Icons

The most convenient way to access the chat is through notification icons. These icons are shown on many different locations throughout PeepSo and will also depend on the configuration you have applied. Don’t worry, we will explain them all.

Icon #1: This icon comes from the PeepSo Profile widget. You can enable it by going in to WP Admin-> Appearance -> Widgets and then expanding the Profile Widget you want to make changes for. Enable “Show notifications” option.

Icon #2: This icon comes from the admin bar. You can enable this by going to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Appearance and enabling the “Show notification icons on WP Toolbar” under General panel.

Icon #3: Similarly to #1, this icon also comes from the PeepSo widget, this time, UserBar widget.  Go to WP Admin-> Appearance -> Widgets and then configure the Userbar widget to show notifications.

Icon #4: Finally, the standard PeepSo navigation bar icon. You don’t need to enable or disable anything to make it work, but be advised that it will not show up if you hide the navigation bar in WP Admin -> PeepSo ->Configuration -> Appearance under General panel

Directly Through The Chat Page

Users can also access chat directly trough the chat page explained in this article.

Chat Configuration

Chat has been optimized for minimal server usage. With several configuration in the Backend.
Access these settings by going to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Chat

Messages Panel

Enable ‘read notifications’: Switching to “yes” allows users to see when the sent message has been read.
Allow new messages only from friends: When enabled, chat button on profile page is only available for friends of the user. Users can override this setting in their profile.
Character Limit Per Message: Administrators can limit the number of characters used in a single message.

Chat Panel

Enable Chat: Master switch. It will enable chat feature.
Forced Long Poll: Send an extra Ajax call every 30 seconds to make sure that messages and chat is synchronized between multiple open browser windows or devices.
Page-restriction mode: Select mode in which chat should or should not appears.

  • Disable on selected pages
  • Show only on selected pages

Disable on pages: List of pages in which chat windows should / should not appears, one page per line.



Getting Started With Chat

Communicate via private messages & real-time chat. Every community needs a convenient way for members to message each other privately. This plugin adds private messaging and also the possibility to create private group messages between many members.

Chat works with other PeepSo plugins and features. If Photos plugin is also installed or moods and location feature enabled, members will be able to add pictures, location, and mood to their messages.

To start using chat, activate Chat plugin in Backend > Plugins.
You’ll have to enter License Key in Peepso License Key Configuration to make this plugin work.

Chat Page

As soon as you activate the chat plugin, new page will be created in WP Admin -> Pages
By default, this page is named “Messages” with permalink /messages and shortcode [peepso_messages]

You can, of course, change the title and permalink to better suit your needs, but don’t touch the shortcode.