BlogPosts – Third-Party Integration

Blog posts can work with two third-party plugins as well. One is free, and the other is paid plugin.

Free Plugin Integration – User Submitted Posts

You must install and activate this plugin first. It is freely available here.

Once activated, and integration enabled in configuration, it will allow users to submit posts directly from their profile by going into their profile page and clicking the Blog -> Create tabs

Paid Plugin Integration – CMinds User Submitted Posts

Similarly, there is also a paid plugin integration. Likewise, you need to install and activate this plugin and enable the integration in configuration.

Blogposts – Activity Stream Integration

Automatically create a corresponding Status Post on Community Stream updates when a new blog post is published. The setting is in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> BlogPosts -> Activity Stream
When this setting is enabled, each time user create a blog posts there’s a post created on the activity stream. Other users can comment, react and in general interact with that post. The phrase: wrote a new post can be adjusted in the backend configuration, even if you want to add blog post title after the action text, there’s a setting for this.

PeepSo Excerpt & Hashtags

Starting from 2.7.8, you are able to define a PeepSo Excerpt which will be used on top of the companion stream post. It’s a great way to drop a few personal words above the link preview, dedicated to your community but not showing in the WordPress post itself.

You will be also able to define PeepSo Hashtags, which will be displayed both in the companion post and the WordPress post. You can either type your own hashtags, decide to use the WordPress tags as PeepSo Hashtags, or both. There are new settings in the BlogPosts configuration screen, which let you control the positioning and sorting of the hashtags in the companion post and the parent WordPress post.

Both the PeepSo Excerpt and the PeepSo Hashtags will work great when searching and filtering the stream, allowing you to categorize the Blog content on the PeepSo stream in new ways.

Exclude certain categories from BlogPosts integration

starting from, PeepSo lets you exclude categories from the Blog Posts integration. The setting can be found in the Category edit screen. When a category is excluded, PeepSo will ignore posts that belong to said category, meaning a stream post will not be created and the comment integration will be unavailable. It might be useful if you have a category of posts where the community engagement is not welcome / important, or you use a plugin which uses posts for storage without a proper CPT.




Blog Posts – Profile Integration

It will display users blogposts in their profiles. Enable this setting in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> BlogPosts – Author Profile Panel > Enable.

When this setting is enabled, there will be a Blog tab appearing in user profiles. Users can see a list of blog posts they have made or when visiting other user blog posts the context changes and you can see what blog posts others have made. Blog menu is also available in PeepSo Profile Widget as well as in the dropdown on PeepSo Toolbar.

Change WordPress Logo On BlogPosts Embedded Stream

If you have Blogposts configuration set to create activity streams it may happen that you see WordPress logo in the embeds.

To “fix” this issue, navigate to WP Admin -> Appearance -> Customize
From Customizer, select “Site Identity”

In the page that opens, modify the site icon

Once site icon is changed, it will reflect the little image in the activity streams.


Blogposts Configuration

To access this configuration navigate to WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Blog Posts

Author Profiles Panel

  • Enabled – Show “Blog Posts” tab in user profiles
  • Hide when empty – The profile tab will not appear if the user has no blog posts
  • Enable Author Box – Adds a small “about the author” box under blog posts

User Submitted Posts integration

Option to enable integration will only show if you have User Submitted Posts plugin installed and activated.

CMinds User Submissions integration

Option to enable integration will only show if you have CMinds User Submitted Posts plugin installed and activated.

Two Column Layout Panel

  • Enable two column layout – Enable to change Blog Posts layout into two column layout in Blog Posts user Profiles
  • Box height (px) – Set Box Height for Blog Posts box in Blog Posts user Profiles

Text Panel

  • Length limit (words) – Limit words content in Blog Posts Box
  • Aggressive shortcode removal – Forced removal of some shortcodes immune to native WP methods (eg Divi Builder and similar). This is an experimental feature, we recommend using plain-text excerpts instead.

Featured Images Panel

  • Show featured images – Show featured images in Blog Posts Box
  • Placeholder – Show placeholder image for empty Blog Posts Image
  • Position – Image Position. Top (rectangle), Left (square), and Right (square)
  • Height (px) – Image Height in Pixels

Activity Stream Panel

  • Post to Activity Stream – Enable/Disable post to activity stream
  • Action text – Change the text that will show in activity stream
  • Append title after action text – Append blogpost title after action text on stream
  • Default privacy – Default stream privacy

Hashtags integration

  • Hashtags in PeepSo stream post – Hashtags position in PeepSo stream post
    • Below author name
    • Above post preview
    • Below post preview
  • Hashtags in WordPress post – Hashtags position in WordPress post
    • No
    • Above post
    • Below post
    • Above & below post
  • Sort alphabetically – sort hashtags alphabetically, applied only when saving a blog post.
  • Enable “Use WordPress tags” for new posts – Enable “Use WordPress tags” option by default, applies only when adding a new post.
  • Enable “Use WordPress categories” for new posts – Enable “Use WordPress categories” option by default, applies only when adding a new post.

Comments integration

Replaces WordPress comments with PeepSo comments and likes/reactions.

  • Enabled – Master switch to enable or disable integration
  • Hide “join now” cover – Hides the default PeepSo cover shown to guests.
  • Header (general) – Displays above the entire comments integration
  • Header (like/Reaction) – Custom Header display before Like/Reaction
  • Header (comments) – Custom Header display above Comment