Searching The Streams

PeepSo streams can easily be searched for hashtags, or keywords.
The search is available on main community stream, profile stream as well as group streams if you have Groups plugin enabled.

It looks like this:

Available Options

  • Show my posts – Once clicked, user will be able to chose whether to show their own posts or not
  • Magnifier icon – Once clicked the form will expand allowing the user to search for a keywords or exact match
  • Hashtag icon – Once clicked the form will expand to allow user to search for hashtags

Direct Link to Single Post or Comment

One of the hidden features with previous versions of PeepSo was linking to a single activity stream item or a comment.
Basically you would click on a timestamp and the page with single activity stream item will open.

Starting from PeepSo 2.5.3 those options are put in the spotlight and are now much easier to find.
Just hover over the chain icon next to a timestamp and you will be able to click and copy the direct link in both individual posts and comments.


Reactions Configuration

Say more than a thousand Likes. The reactions allow to expand the regular Likes on stream posts with emotional Reactions such as Love, Laugh, Wink and much more. It features a built-in set of Reactions with a robust admin panel that lets you customize everything.

Default Reactions

Reactions come with default built-in set of Reactions. You can find it in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Manage -> Reactions
Default Reactions can’t be deleted but you can unpublish them, as well as change the title and icon.
Like reaction is required and it can’t be unpublished.

Create Your Own

You can create your own reactions, press the “Add New” button at the top right corner of the screen.

A new reaction will be added, this reaction will not be public until you change the default title. you need to change the title of reaction and upload your own custom image – .PNG, .SVG or even an animated .GIF or you can use the built-in preset icons.

Publish / Unpublish / Delete Reaction

Every reaction except “Like” which is required can be published or unpublished in their respective switches.
Reactions that you added on your own can be deleted.


Stream Posts, Embeds, Hashtags, Moods, Mentions, Scheduled Posts and Location Settings

Seamingly many features within one configuration page. This is because they all refer to options that can be find in the postboxes across PeepSo plugin.

The entire page is divided into five (5) different panels

  1. General
  2. Location
  3. Moods
  4. Tags (@mentions)
  5. Hashtags

General Panel

  • Default post privacy – Defines the default starting privacy level for new posts. Users can change it, and the postbox will always remember their last choice.
    • Public: Visible to everyone with the link
    • Site members: Visible to all members.
    • Friends: Only friends can see your post.
    • Only me: No one else can see on your post.
  • Maximum Size Of Posts – Limit the size of the posts in characters.
  • since (2.5.4) Display an icon if a post / comment was edited – PeepSo tracks post and comment edits. Comments and posts changed can show a small icon informing the user when was the last time the content was edited.
  • Display view count – Enabled: will display view count on posts. General count – counts every time the post is rendered to anybody. Unique members – counts unique views by users who are logged in.
    • No
    • Only General count
    • Only unique members
    • Both
  • Allow non-admins to schedule posts – When enabled, this setting will allow every member of community to schedule post

Profile Posts

  • Who can post on “my profile” page – Here you can choose who can post on your profile stream. There are 3 options:
    • Site members: Every member can post on your profile
    • Friends: Only: friends can post on your profile
    • Only me (Profile owner): No one else can post on your profile.
  • Let users override this setting – The options are Yes or Not.

Links & Embeds Panel

  • Open links in new tab
    • No
    • All links
    • Only links to other domains
  • Hide URL if there is no other text – If a post contains only an URL and no other visible text, the link will not be displayed. Does not apply to MarkDown links.
  • Trim links to domain name only – Visually trim links after the domain name, while the target remains unchanged.
  • Hide http(s):// – Visually hide http(s):// from links, while the target remains unchanged.

Link Previews

  • Load link previews
    • Enabled: links posted by users will be fetched into a preview box
    • Disabled: no attempts to fetch links will be made
  • Prefer a smaller thumbnail – Show a smaller link preview thumbnail on a wide viewport (more than 480 pixels) to save space
  • Allow non-SSL embeds – Enables non-SSL (http://) link fetching. This can lead to “insecure content” warnings if your site is using SSL
  • Prefer previews with images (BETA) – If no img tag is detected in the fetched result, PeepSo will attempt alternative methods to obtain a link preview
  • Fallback to img tag (BETA) – If no viable thumbnail is provided by the target, PeepSo will attempt to use the first img tag from the page source.
  • Refresh previews (BETA) – If enabled PeepSo will periodically refresh URL previews. This might cause some posts to load slower when refreshing. Use this option especially if you recently changed the static images option

WordPress embeds

  • Defines the minimum thumbnail resolution for stream posts. Available options are: Let WordPress decide, 500 px, 1000 px, 1500 px (default), 2000 px, 2500 px and 3000 px.

Location Panel

To enable location integration, you must enable it and provide Google Maps API key

Moods Panel

To allow moods in the posts that your users will create, the option to enable moods must be enabled

Mentions Panel

Mentioning people in the community will only work when this feature is enabled from this panel.

  • Add a mention when replying to a comment – disables automatic mention on replies

Hashtags Panel

  • Enabled – When enabled users are able to post hashtags on a post.
  • Update post count in tags – Deleted and edited posts are checked periodically to update post counts for each hashtag. Smaller delay means more database load.
  • Process – How many posts and hashtags to process in a single page load. Bigger batches mean faster updates but generate higher load.
  • Delete empty hashtags – When enabled, hashtags with zero posts will be deleted and not shown in the widget or suggestions. Hashtags with zero posts can occur when posts are deleted or edited.
  • Allow non-alphanumeric hashtags – This feature is currently in BETA and should be used with caution. Enables hashtags of any length, with any content, including non-alphanumeric characters (Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, Emoji, etc). Hashtags MUST end with a space, line break or another hashtag.
  • Minimum hashtag length – Minimum hashtags length, shorter hashtags will be ignored
  • Maximum hashtag length – Maximum hashtags length, longer hashtags will be ignored
  • Hashtags must start with a letter – Enabled: hashtags beginning with a number will be ignored
  • Reset and rebuild the hashtags cache – Enable and click “save” to force a hashtag cache rebuild. It will also happen automatically after changing any of the hashtags settings.

Activity Stream Configuration

Activity stream configuration can be found as soon as General configuration page is opened from WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration

General Section:

  • Default Stream Filter – (Since PeepSo moved to Navigation settings) Allows to select which will be the default stream filter for your community.
    • Community: Posts from the entire Community
    • Following: Posts only from members & groups you follow
    • Saved: Posts you added to the “Saved” list
    • All scheduled posts: All the community posts scheduled for later
  • Open Links in New Tab – (Since PeepSo moved to Stream Posts settings) When posting links in status updates, administrators can decide whether the links will open in a new browser tab or in the same tab. Opening links in a new tab keeps your users in the community and allows them to return quickly.
  • Hide the activity stream from guests – When enabled, PeepSo will not show the activity stream, including status updates, posts, which privacy settings are “public”, to people who are not logged in.
  • Enable Post updates upon user avatar change – Whenever a user updates his or hers avatar (profile picture) a post will be shown in the community stream.
  • Enable Post updates upon user cover change – Whenever a user updates his or hers cover image a post will be shown in the community stream.

Comments & Read More Sections



  • Number of Comments to display – The default number of comments to be displayed under each post. Recent comments will be shown but additional comments will be hidden. To see all comments, users need to click ‘Show All Comments’.
  • Show x more comments – If there are more comments than the number of comments to display a “show x more button” will appear to show more comments.

Pinned post comments

  • Number of Comments to display – The default number of comments to be displayed under pinned post. Recent comments will be shown but additional comments will be hidden. To see all comments, users need to click ‘Show All Comments’.
  • Show x more comments – If there are more comments than the number of comments to display under pinned post, a “show x more button” will appear to show more comments.

Read more

  • Show ‘read more’ after: [n] characters – will show read more anchor after n character
  • Redirect to single post view when post is longer than: [n] characters – read more anchor will redirect into single post if post longer than [n] character


Activity Stream – Frontend

Activity stream is the centralized place for users to see everything that is going on in the community.

It can be set as a home page for your site by going in to WP Admin -> Settings -> Reading and selecting the static page, then choosing Activity stream page as a home page.

This setting will change the home page of your site and display the activity stream for users that are landing to your top level domain (ex.

Activity Stream is Privacy Aware

All of the items posted in activity stream respect the privacy option attached to them.
For example, if someone post something that is visible only to their friends, users who are not friends with the poster will not see that content.

Activity Stream Areas

Activity stream is divided in three (3) areas

  1. Postbox
  2. Filters
  3. Stream Items


Postbox is the most commonly used feature of the community as it allows users to post content.

It also allows selecting the privacy for the posted item, choosing a mood that will be displayed in stream item, or scheduling posts for the later date.

Note: Features of the postbox can be expanded with additional plugins to allow uploading images, videos, creating pools or posting directly to the groups.


Filtering the activity stream to find the exact posts you’ve been looking for is possible with four (4) different options

1. General filter by:

  • Community – Display all community stream items that viewer have permissions to see.
  • Following (optional, requires Friends Plugin) – Display stream items from followed users
  • All scheduled posts – Display posts scheduled for the later date

2. Ownership filter

In this filter you can chose whether to show or hide stream items that you made.

3. Search by keyword

If you wish to search activity streams by certain keyword, you can do that in third filter.

Available options are:

  • Exact phrase – will search only for exact phrase you typed
  • Any of the word – will search for any word you typed

4. Filter by #Hashtags

Note: This feature is optional and must be enabled in WP Admin -> PeepSo -> Configuration -> Stream Posts

Allows searching the stream items for the posted hashtags

Stream Items

Every stream item is made out of four elements

  1. Activity Header – Contains user avatar, name, action title and the mood, option to adjust the privacy, timestamp which is actual link to the single stream view and dropdown options to edit or delete the stream item.
  2. Activity Content – Contains the content of activity. It may also include WordPress Embeds if you post a link to the stream
  3. Reactions Bar – Displays all the reactions and allows for making new ones.
  4. Comments Section – This is where all comments to the stream item are posted