Celebrate Halloween With Us and Get 20% off

We recently released PeepSo 1.4.2. We’re glad to say it’s been a huge hit and we’ve had a ton of positive feedback!

Celebrate Halloween With Us!

This is PeepSo’s first Halloween and we’d love you to celebrate it with us! Right now you can get Bundle #2 for just $112. That’s a saving of nearly $130 against the price of each separate plugin.

All you need to do is add Bundle #2 to the cart and use the following promo code when you check out:


Buy Today!

Be quick, this promo code expires on Tuesday 3rd of November 2015 at midnight PDT.

Where to apply the discount code.

Where to apply the discount code.

But what will I do with all the money I’ve saved?

You could get in some extra candy for the kids in your neighbourhood. Or just spend it on yourself, whichever makes you happiest. Happy Halloween!

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