1.11.5 release

New Release: PeepSo 1.11.5

First release of November and we come with brand new Audio Uploads feature. Podcast community? No problem. Music artists? Got you covered. Uploading own audio files right within the community is one of the main features of this release. No worries, it’s not the only one. Join me on this epic 1.11.5 discovery adventure.
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PeepSo Hidden Gems Blog Article

10 Hidden Gems in PeepSo and its Plugins

It’s no secret that online communities are on the rise. Networking has become a currency. Those with the most friends and (real) connections tend to have the upper hand when looking for a job (friends always know), applying for one, or simply having peers to rely on for insights on the quality of a given product or service, not to mention higher chances for closing sales if you happen to be an entrepreneur. Online communities are the bomb-diggity these days. But amidst the various options and social platforms available to dress up your own community, which ones stand out from the rest and why?

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PeepSo 1.11.4

New Release: PeepSo 1.11.4

Hover Cards. Second release of October (did I mention Hover Cards?) and even before the date set. Are we good or what? Hover Cards. There are about 30 new features, improvements and fixes. Including but not limited to Hover Cards, Hashtags, fixed minor compatibility issues with Elementor and SuperPWA plugins, Newspaper Theme and more. Hover Cards.
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6 tips for creating a successful community

6 Tips For Creating A Successful Online Community

In the era of Influencers, Intagrammers, Youtubers and the like, it has become evident that the world is but a fishbowl. Before the rise of internet, Facebook, and the gazillion social media platforms now available, people used to go to their local newspaper for information, listen to the radio for news and traffic updates, check out the encyclopedia (an actual paper book) to understand a topic further, and ask the next-door-neighbor about his/her opinion no the latest informercial product. Well, folks, the game has changed. Online communities are on the rise. The era of informercials is dead. If you have a business or hobby and wish to share it with the world, keep reading. This article outlines “6 tips for creating a successful online community”.
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Unfound – A Growing PeepSo Community!

We sometimes get asked, “Do you have examples of successful communities, powered by PeepSo?” So, I decided to reach out to one of the fastest growing communities we have, at the moment.

We reached out to Jules Doyle, founder of Unfound, a bike lover’s haven and community. We asked about Unfound’s inception and how things have taken shape throughout these past years. Here’s what he had to say.

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Facebook Hacked

Ninety Million Facebook Accounts Hacked

50 Million Facebook accounts totally compromised. Fifty million people, that’s nearly the population of England. But that’s not all, additional 40 million could have been be affected too. That’s a total of 90 million people and that’s the population of Germany and Austria combined. They announced the hack to the public, fixed it and moved on like nothing happened. Read more