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8 FEBRUARY 2021:

Hey, PeepSo, what hosting do you recommend?
Hi team! What’s the best hosting?
Hello, what hosting should I choose?

Not a week goes by that we don’t get asked this question. Until now we didn’t really have one specific answer. But we knew that it’s something that we should address sooner or later. It’s my great honor to announce that we’ve partnered up with a fantastic hosting company with the true community spirit at heart. And I really mean that.

WeFoster team specializes in hosting WordPress-based Communities.

How It All started?

WeFoster started as a way for four friends to do what they love most – to build awesome community solutions powered by WordPress. Their shared bond was passion for social networks & membership communities and their ability to boost and promote non-profits, causes, academic communities, and businesses.

What WeFoster Is Now?

The four friends turned their vision into a platform that offers a turn-key solution for those who manage a community powered by WordPress. Our WeFoster Platform provides lightning fast webhosting, rock-solid security, expert support and a full range of community building resources to customers across the globe.

Our thriving community of site owners and developers all share a common goal; Building Better Communities with WordPress.

WeFoster Team

WeFoster wants you to own your own social corner of the web, not owned by Facebook, Twitter, or any of the big data silos, but a community that you tailor to suit your members’ needs.

Community is what makes the world a smaller place, what gives the internet its humanity. It’s what connects us all. Their goal is to curate, create and connect the best tools with those who strive to foster meaningful connections and relationships on the web.

Community Hosting? Really?!

Yes! Community hosting all the way. It’s not an empty phrase, it’s not a marketing scheme. WeFoster hosting is not an all-purpose hosting provider company. They provide a dedicated community hosting solution so you can have the peace of mind you and your community deserve.

WeFoster Comes With

  • CommunityCache
    A Custom Caching Solution for Near-Instant Load Times
  • Daily Automated Backups
    Fast SEO-friendly pages delivered over a secured encrypted connection.
  • One Click Staging Sites
    Safely experiment with new features without breaking your site.
  • Rock Solid Security
    Actively monitoring and protecting Your Community from attacks.
  • Managed Updates
    Managed important WordPress security updates for you.
  • Developer Tools
    WP-CLI, SFTP, MySQL Management & our built in Code Editor for power users and developers.
  • And many more…

There’s No Risk

Start Your Community on a 7-day FREE TRIAL. You don’t risk anything.

Start Your Trial!

It’s A TurnKey Solution!

There’s no need for you to install WordPress, configure everything then install PeepSo plugins and configure them. What might be one of the best features WeFoster platform comes with is that they make everything extremely easy. Sign up and you don’t get an empty server. Everything you need to start will be pre-installed. WordPress, PeepSo Foundation plugins and a theme. All ready to go with a few clicks.

On Top Of Amazing Hosting You Can Also Get

  • Dedicated Community Manager
    A dedicated CommunityCare Expert assigned specifically to the management, maintenance and health of your community. Includeds white glove plugin, theme and WordPress core updates tested and verified by a WordPress expert.
  • Custom Stach Configs & Optimization
    WeFoster’s server and site experts will build a stack from the ground up to specifically address your community’s unique requirements. Your site is unique and complex and requires a suitably bespoke solution.
  • Development Services
    Our development team is available to implement new functionality via custom plugins, design work or code reviews via monthly retainer or discounted per-project development rates.
  • On-Call Priority Support & Consultancy
    Schedule a consultancy call with our team to discuss you needs and let us help you plan for success. Open support tickets that will receive immediate escalation and attention.
  • Third Party Plugin & Theme Support
    Get consulting, code audits and troubleshooting for your entire community foundation. This includes third party themes, plugins and custom code.
  • Monthly Performance Reporting
    Detailed monthly report that include plugins, theme and core updates and an overview of uptime, performance and SEO rankings.

Let’s Launch Your Community Today

If you’re thinking about launching your dream community you can get started right away. If you already have a community elsewhere and would like to benefit from everything WeFoster has to offer you’d be happy to know their team is there to migrate Your Community to their platform for free. They’re there to make Your Community a success!

No PeepSo? No Problem!

No Problem! WeFoster comes with everything pre-installed for your convenience!
Host With WeFoster!

Brought to you by PeepSo Team Eric Tracz
I'm a Digital Nomad currently living in Manila, The Philippines. Co-Founder and CEO of First time WordCamp Speaker at WordCamp Kuala Lumpur 2017, WordCamp Singapore 2019 and hoping to speak more soon. I started my journey with open source nearly a decade ago as a simple support guy. Joomla! was my first encounter with the world of Open Source. After that period of my life got phased out I fell in love with WordPress and never left. I have been both lucky and at the same time I worked my ass off to get to where I am right now. Free time, if I have any, is usually spent with my wife and / or travel around South-East Asia. Even when I'm supposed to be on a little vacation, not a day goes by when I don't check up on PeepSo. So far visited or lived in: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hungary, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China, Japan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Norway, Germany, Scotland, England and more... Whenever possible, I jump on my Ducati Monster and just ride.

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@peepso_user_6508(Julian Miguel)
Yeah @peepso_user_7(Eric Tracz) you already gain my trust and if it comes or recommended by you guys (peepso team) it will be worthit 😊
@peepso_user_6508(Julian Miguel)
Well i find the wefoster menu link icon inside the wp confusing. When you click it the wefoster community appears inside wp.. im talking about wp backend. I dont think its a good idea..
July 14, 2017 2:25 pm
@peepso_user_6647(Bowe Frankema)
@peepso_user_6508(🤓 Julian Miguel) I see what you mean! We're adding the link to your WP Admin menu to give you quick access to support and additionally control performance settings like Object Caching. This is something we've added to go beyond regular hosting and provide our customers with more control over their installation. That being said this menu is only show to you (the site admin) and not your other users. If you still do not like to use these features the menu can be hidden by adding a line to wp-config.php if you wish to do so!
@peepso_user_6508(Julian Miguel)
@peepso_user_6647(Bowe Frankema) yeah you're right and i'm beginning to realize that it's not that bad idea and as i continue using it i'm slowly getting use to it.