PeepSo Limit Users Plugin

The PeepSo Limit Users plugin gives administrators fine control over members’ abilities based on various criteria. Posting, commenting, messaging, photos and much more can be disabled for users who don’t meet those criteria.

Features Details

The rules can be based on WordPress roles, profile completeness percentage or the lack of a custom avatar. Current configurable user limits are:

  • Hide from user listing
  • Disable new posts
  • Disable new comments
  • Disable friend requests (requires FriendSo)
  • Disable Group creation and joining (requires GroupSo)
  • Disable starting new chats/threads (requires MsgSo)
  • Disable photo uploads (requires PicSo)
  • Disable polls creation (requires Polls)
  • Disable video posts (requires VidSo)
Settings panel

Settings panel

Use The Widget To Nudge Members Into Action

The plugin ships with a helper widget that can be used to inform members about limits currently applied to their accounts. Role-based limits are not public, but the user is informed about the required profile completeness percentage or the need to upload an avatar.



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Did you re-post them all? Or?
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@peepso_user_5436(Jaswanth Ch) The activity stream items had to be re-created because these blog posts were created by duplication, which utterly confused the BlogPosts plugin.
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