Blogging Basics – How Often Should You Publish Articles?

Let’s refine your blogging skills to help build your online community. The next topic in this series is about how often to publish your articles. If you missed the last post, it’s all about writing great headlines.

How Often Should I Blog?

No matter who you talk to about blogging, the question of how often you should “blog” comes up. When people say “blog” they mean publish. After all, a blog is a thing, not a verb, but that’s beside the point.

So, how often should you publish? As often as you consistently can. Yes.

You should publish as often as you can do so consistently. That’s how often you should “blog.” Once a day? Go for it. Once a month? Do that.

Publish Quality Over Quantity

If you have limited resources (as we all do) then focus your blogging efforts on quality posts. There’s really no point in writing just to write. You could get a program to write articles for you. It happens. But that doesn’t mean it will serve your audience.

Always keep the goal in front of your mind. The purpose of publishing quality content is to answer questions that help your community. Be a resource – not a source for noise.

“Obviously, high-quality content matters and you can’t afford to push out tons of low-quality posts every day. You’ll only get lost in the noise of 1.2 million types of content published every day.”

Neil Patel

If you can only consistently write and publish quality articles once a month, then make that your goal for a year. Increase your frequency in year two. You may need to hire writers. Once you begin to publish four times a month, you should have an editorial calendar and a Marketing Manager.

Audit and Update Your Blog

As important as writing new content is updating older content. As products come in and out of style or are discontinued, you will need to update some of your older articles.

The great posts (as judged by page views in Google Analytics) deserve even more attention. Think about updating those by adding data, clarifying your points, and internal links. After your article is updated, resubmit it for crawling with Google’s Search Inspector.

Aim to update one blog post per quarter if you are publishing monthly. In year two, publish twice a month and change your update schedule to once every two months.

“Blog post traffic is compounding, which means it gains organic results over time. This is why updating posts is important. This gives you more reads, more recognition, and possibly, more fans.”


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