Blogging Basics – What Do I Write About?

Let’s refine your blogging skills to help build your online community. The next topic in this series is finding things to write about. If you missed the last post, it’s all about how often you should publish.

I know. We want you to blog – essentially this means publishing articles. But don’t worry, they’re not term papers from 11th grade Civics. 

What Do I Write About?

This is the biggest question we bloggers get right after “What is the meaning of life?” Whether you believe “42” is the meaning or to connect other people, you’re probably right. The meaning is what you make it. 

Your blog is what you make it. Your community is how you build it. You write what is on your heart, mind, your soul. You inspire. You educate. It’s your community. The question is what do you want it to look like.

What Inspires You?

One of the best things to write about for your community’s blog is inspiration. Not the blah blah bumper sticker aspirations either. What book did you just read? What made you think twice – tilt your head and go “hmmm.”

Where are your ideas colliding with others? What else is out in the universe? What could you bring to the proverbial table that would help your community members? What would make them think differently and act. Inspiration without action is only a warm feeling that fades. 

Inspiration Doesn’t Fall In Your Lap

You can’t create unless you consume. You can’t write unless you read. You can’t inspire unless you’re inspired. If you’re feeling like you’re in a funk, then read nonfiction, go outside, watch a documentary about the moons of Jupiter. (Did you know one of its moons, Io, has active volcanoes? That made me really thankful ours does not.) It goes on and on. 

Do something different. Try a new coffee shop. Watch people instead of your phone. Do a puzzle. Read poetry. 

“I Don’t Have Time To Be Inspired”

We all have time. I know you don’t feel like you do, but you’re probably just feeling blah. You know? Mel Robbins encourages people to count down 3-2-1 then do. Whatever works. For me, I put on my shoes and go for a walk. Which reminds me, it’s just about that time now, friends. 

Comment on this post so we can be inspired by something new. Tell us what you did differently and then share the link to your blog post! 

Engage Your Community

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