Your community will thrive.

What to do when your social network grows too big

If all goes well (and why shouldn’t it?) your community should keep growing. It will attract new members. Those members will post and comment, interact with followers and tell their friends…

The number of members in the community will increase, and the degree of engagement you see on your community will increase too.

Your community will thrive.

At some point though, you may find that even though your community is continuing to grow in size, it’s shrinking in engagement. In the last message, I explored some of the things you can do to stop members leaving but sometimes, they won’t be enough.

Sometimes, if your private social network is too big to feel personal and focused, you’ll need to break it up into sub-communities.

Those communities won’t compete with your main community. They’ll complement it. They could be regional. So a drone-flying community could set up a sub-community for California. Or they can be topical; a community for camera-drones rather than all drones.

By restricting the topic, you give the community a more precise focus and a stronger reason for members to remain and stay engaged.

That’s it! Good luck building your community, and if you have any questions, feel free to write to ask us on our community:

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