“Facebook Zero”: The Decline of Organic Reach


You have 8000 followers on Facebook, and need to post an important announcement about your business; maybe your office hours have changed, or you need beta testers for a new version of your product. How many people would you expect that post to reach, without paying for it to be boosted?

According to a study done by Social@Ogilvy, you’re likely to reach 480 – a measly six percent. Larger pages (with followers in the hundreds of thousands) have their numbers slashed even more – to around 2 percent of their total followers. They anticipate that eventually, the average reach for most business pages will drop to zero.

Since 2012, Facebook has continually slashed the amount of people pages can reach without handing over their credit card details. There are strategies that can be used to boost views and improve organic reach (posting clickbait, linking other pages in posts) but it feels unfair to force brands to use marketing strategies and post content that may not be reflective of who they are.

Having your own private social network allows you to post what you want, exactly the way you want to post it. You know that if people join your network, they will see your posts. Not six percent of those people, but all of those people. There’s no restrictive algorithms, no need to spend hours strategizing. It’s social networking for business the way it should be.

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