WordCamp Europe 2016

At PeepSo, we hold a management meeting once a week. We do it over a slap-up breakfast. Anyway, at our last meeting, Merav suggested that some of us should take a break from paradise and travel… to a WordCamp conference. It went something like this:

You’re going!
Eric & Matt: Who? What? Where?
Merav: You are going to a WordCamp conference.

We’d just pick a spot on the globe and go to the nearest conference we could find.

So we rolled out a map… okay, I pulled out a phone, and opened Google Maps. Then I closed my eyes and dropped a finger on the screen.

It landed in the middle of the Pacific. Too wet. I tried again.

This time it landed on Europe. Perfect! There are a few WordPress conferences taking place in Europe this year but my finger had landed closest to Vienna.

So it’s to Vienna we go!

Well, when I say “we” I mean me and our lead developer Matt Jaworski. We will be attending WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna, Austria from June 24-26.

This is the first WordPress conference for both of us so we’re very excited about it… and about the wiener schnitzels.

But mostly we’re excited about the conference. They seem to be a lot of fun. Not sure about others but this one has an impressive code of conduct posted on the official page… which had us wondering what had happened in previous conferences that led them to tell people how to behave. We shall see, I guess.

What will you do there?

We’re going to enjoy ourselves! We’ll definitely try to get to as many great presentations as we can. But we also want to meet other developers and all the other people involved in the WordPress community.

Come and say hello!

We’d certainly love to meet our early adopters so if you’re at the conference, do say hello. We’ll have a nice chat over a cold beer or a diet coke… or a pina colada and pretend we’re in Bali. We’ll be wearing our fancy black or white t-shirts with our logo, like this:

From the left: Matt, Merav, Eric

From the left: Matt, Merav, Eric

Unfortunately, we registered too late to make a presentation but you might find us preaching in the hallways about the development process or describing how quickly one-line “if statements” in php can bring on a migraine. We’ll make sure the name tags are sticking out nicely.

See you there!