PeepSo – CM Location Manager

The new Locations Manager Addon for the PeepSo allows users to integrate locations and points of interest on their social network pages. When this addon is connected with PeepSo, users gain the ability to add and share Google maps with specific locations and points of interest on PeepSo social network.

A PeepSo user can post new locations with specific descriptions, images, videos and a map of the area. This will include a Google interactive map with related points of interest clearly marked. Once a new location has been added, a feed message will appear about the location on the PeepSo feed. Read more


MicroPayments Integration Plugin

CM MicroPayments is one of the most robust virtual wallet and currency solutions for WordPress. Once MicroPayments is integrated with the PeepSo environment, it adds the ability to support member wallets and grant or subtracts points for actions completed in PeepSo. These actions include posting comments, questions or answers. Read more

PeepSo – CM Answers Pro Integration Plugin


Another 3rd party plugin addition to PeepSo. Developers at CreativeMinds have created an integration between one of their own plugins and PeepSo and it works great! If you’re looking for a Q&A / forum solution for your community, look no further.

PeepSo – CM Answers Pro Integration Plugin

The CM Answers Pro plugin was designed to create discussion boards and Q&A system forums on WordPress. The plugin allows forum members to post questions and answers, upload files, comment on existing topics and vote for the best forum contributions.

CM Answers Integration - Post on activity stream.

CM Answers Integration – Post on activity stream.

Using the plugin adds a new tab to users’ profiles. The Questions tab will show questions and answers posted by the profile owner. Each new question and answer may also generate a corresponding public post on the Activity Stream. The plugin is an integration between CM Answers Pro and PeepSo.

CM Answers Integration - Questions in user profiles.

CM Answers Integration – Questions in user profiles.

Please note that this integration requires CM Answers Pro.

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Please also note that support for this plugin is provided by its developer.

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