New Release: PeepSo 2.2.2

The PeepSo 2.x version family is driven by two primary goals. First, we are adding more value to the free PeepSo Foundation plugin by writing and merging code into it. Second, we create new key features we need to round the entire product suite before we can afford to switch most of our focus  to PeepSo 3 and the new architecture. PeepSo 2.2.2 pushes both these agendas forward: we have merged the MarkDown plugin with the free Foundation and included long awaited Scheduled Posts in it too. Read more

Gecko Theme WordPress 4.x Compatibility Release

This is a small compatibility fix required for all websites running WordPress 4.x.x – this update ensures not to call the blocks API (introduced with Gutenberg) where it does not exist due to an older WordPress version.

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Gecko Theme Stable Release

Gecko is the first ever stable version of our first ever WordPress theme released. That comes with a lot of responsibility. The first release came out on the 21st of November 2018. That’s almost exactly 3 months ago. Since then we had: 8 releases for Gecko itself. That’s roughly a release every 1.5 weeks. Hundreds of people already trusted us enough to buy Gecko still in its beta stage. For that we give our utmost sincere thanks! Read more


New Release: PeepSo 2.0.2 & Gecko

The second release of December is very likely to be the last plugin release this year – we might still release one more version of Gecko. We improved compatibility with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg, fixed a handful of minor bugs and kept working on Server Sent Events.

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