PeepSo Reactions²

PeepSo Reactions 2.0.0 (Reactions²) is now available for purchase. Reactions² is a major rewrite of the original third party Reactions plugin by It features a vastly improved interface and an all-new configuration panel offering amazing customization options.

User Experience

The new interface is more dynamic, responsive and intuitive. New animations provide visual feedback when adding and removing reactions and when accessing or dismissing the post’s reactions breakdown. Icons even display tooltips with reaction names.


Reactions² lets you control exactly how the plugin works for your community. Nearly every aspect of the available reactions can be customized.

Reorder, Change Text & Icon, (Un)Publish

You can now drag-and-drop reactions to change their order in the front-end. All text can be customized, both the label and notification content. You can also swap the icons for your own custom SVG files uploaded via FTP.

All reactions (except “Like”) can be unpublished. Any reactions already used will still be visible in the statistics.

Create Your Own

This is most important (and the coolest) feature of all. You can now create completely new reactions, drag them anywhere in the set, and define the custom text and icon.

Custom-made Reactions can also be deleted, but this will also remove their entire history, so do be careful before choosing to delete!

Get Reactions²

Reactions² can be purchased from our Addons Page. Be among the first 30 customers to use the promo code below when checking out and get 20% off.


Get Reactions² Plugin!

Upgrading From PeepSo Reactions 1.x

Reactions² will not replace the old Reactions plugin. In order to switch from Reaction 1.x to Reactions², you will need to deactivate the old plugin then activate the new one. Reactions² will automatically recognize user reactions on PeepSo posts.