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10 Hidden Gems in PeepSo and its Plugins

It’s no secret that online communities are on the rise. Networking has become a currency. Those with the most friends and (real) connections tend to have the upper hand when looking for a job (friends always know), applying for one, or simply having peers to rely on for insights on the quality of a given product or service, not to mention higher chances for closing sales if you happen to be an entrepreneur. Online communities are the bomb-diggity these days. But amidst the various options and social platforms available to dress up your own community, which ones stand out from the rest and why?

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194 Release Header

New Release: PeepSo 1.9.4

We are on the roll here. 3 releases in a month! That’s gotta be some kind of a record. We’ve got a lot of new features, improvements and fixes.

Fun fact: out of 35 tasks closed in the past two weeks during the #PeepSo194 sprint, 26 (roughly 75%) are improvements or outright new features suggested by our #community. The suggestions flowed in either here or through the support tickets. I think it shows pretty well what an amazing relationship we have with our customers and how hard we are trying to improve the product for everyone – as long as the requests have a wide impact (are beneficial to many people) they are considered and usually eventually implemented. – @peepso_user_10(Matt).

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PeepSo Ultimate Bundles

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle has been a great hit. To the point that we’ve decided to permanently cut the price of the bundle. From $499 to $249. Great news, isn’t it? We’re not stopping there, though. We have also created additional bundles that come with 5, 20 and 100 installations support. What Does The Bundle Give You? Read more

Happy New Year 2018

PeepSo in 2017

This year has been a very challenging and at the same time absolutely amazing. We entered into 2017 quite slow and had a lot to improve. There were some issues with performance in PeepSo but we overcome that with quite a spectacular result. Just to put the whole year in a bit of a perspective here are some statistics. Read more

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle

PeepSo has been growing quite steadily in the past few years. Right now our portfolio of plugins consists of 24 plugins not including the 2 migrator plugins that we also have. Keeping track of licenses for 20 out of the 26 plugins is one thing. Renewals is a completely different story. Not to mention separate purchase times and manual renewals. It’s not a huge problem, it’s just inconvenient. To list it all, if you have all of our plugins that would be:

  • 24 Plugins.
  • 20 License keys that you need to keep track of.
  • 20 Manual renewal procedures.
  • Plugins purchased at different dates so the license expiration is different.
  • Separate purchases don’t include any discounts.
  • New plugins come out with the features Your Community needs and a new purchase is necessary.

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PeepSo - The Next Generation Social Networking Plugin For WordPress

Create Your Own Community Blog And Empower Your Users

You might have read how you actually need your own social network for your blog if you want to flourish. Let’s take it a step further, though. Empower your users to not only share their own thoughts via PeepSo posts on your community. Give them the tools to contribute to your blog.

Creating great content that’s interesting to people on your WordPress blog can prove challenging at times. Asking for your community members’ opinion is awesome, and people love to share. When Your Community writes and shares you let them take some of the load off your shoulders. Let them create valuable content. Empower your users and get a lot in return! Read more

PeepSo 1.7.0 Is Out!

PeepSo 1.7.0 is out and available to you right now. I’m sure you want to rush off and download it right away, but first do take a moment to read through what’s new in this version. I also wrote a post a couple of days ago describing the Development and QA process that the version underwent. It will tell you how we got here and reveal what goes into creating each new version of PeepSo. Do check it out.

So… What’s New?

Since it’s really a lot, I divided the announcement into 4 blogposts:

New Default Covers and Avatars

With the introduction of the GroupSo plugin, we decided to refresh the default covers and avatars for user profiles. They now match perfectly the fresh, new look of the avatar and Groups cover.

New default avatar and cover - Undefined

New default avatar and cover – Undefined

New default avatar and cover - Female

New default avatar and cover – Female

New default avatar and cover - Male

New default avatar and cover – Male

Improved, Unified, Better Navigation

We’ve unified PeepSo Core, making it better and clearer than ever. The toolbar navigation, the profile navigation, and the PeepSo Profile navigation all now have exactly the same layout. It’s completely smooth and makes for a much better user experience for your community. Take a look at the screenshot below.

New Unified Navigation

New Unified Navigation

Add Location to Albums

Now users can add location to albums using the familiar location picker overlay. If you’ve ever added a pin to a digital map (or a location to a post), the process will be entirely familiar… and very easy.


Successful Login Redirect To Any Page

After a successful login, users could either be sent to their Profile or to their Activity Stream. Both are good options but we wanted more. In fact, we wanted all of them. From version 1.7.0 you’ll be able to send users to any WordPress page you want after they’ve logged in. Alternatively you can set the config option to: no redirect, and keep them on their current page.

Successful Login Redirect to any page.

Successful Login Redirect to any page.

BuddyPress to PeepSo Migration Tool

With the addition of GroupSo to the plugins suite we’ve also made sure you can migrate your BuddyPress communities to PeepSo and keep the Groups you have.

Groups are finally available. At this point as GroupSo plugin only allows to create Public groups, all of the migrated groups will become public after migration. We’ll be adding Closed and Secret groups in the 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 versions of PeepSo and updating the migrator as we go.

It’s very important that you’re aware of the privacy of the migrated groups.

BuddyPress to PeepSo Migration Tool

BuddyPress to PeepSo Migration Tool

You can download the BuddyPress to PeepSo Migration Tool from here. Or go to the backend of your WordPress site > Plugins > Add New and search for PeepSo. It’ll be there amongst other results.

Bugfixes and Improvements

In this version we have added a bunch of improvements as well as a few bugfixes. For example all of the widgets with the exception of PeepSo Profile Widget have default titles now. The email footer is no longer hardcoded and you can edit it in the language file. We also reorganized settings for Email Digest and PMP Pro Integration plugins. For full changelog, please go here.

Upgrade PeepSo Now

Automatic updates let you move quickly to the latest version—and you can do it all in the backend of your site.

Remember to update plugins in this sequence: ChatSo first, then all the child plugins. Core PeepSo plugin should be updated last. Here’s documentation that explains how to upgrade. You can see the full changelog here.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.

Get PeepSo Today!

If you’d like to see what’s coming up next, check out our roadmap here.

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