Social Networking from Apps to Zombies: Questions from Google Autocomplete

Google’s autocomplete tool is a great way to find out what people want to know about certain topics. It completes your words and sentences, based on what it thinks you’re going to type – and it makes these assumptions based on what other people around the world are searching on Google, and how frequently they’re searching for it (note: this works best if you’re logged out of your Google accounts and clear your browser history, as otherwise you’ll get autocomplete results tailored to you – rather than results ranked by worldwide popularity). Read more

Social Media by Numbers: What You Need to Know

At a glance, it might look like Facebook is your only option if you want to effectively incorporate social networking into your business’ online marketing strategy; but that’s simply not true. Here’s some facts and figures you should know about social media in 2015, and which might help show you just how relevant and profitable a niche, privately hosted social network could be. Read more

BuddyPress to PeepSo Migration Tool 1.6.1 Is Out!

BuddyPress to PeepSo Migration Tool is a migrator plugin that moves your data from BuddyPress to PeepSo. It’s super-easy to use, and we’ve now added a ProfileSo plugin. You’ll be able to migrate custom profile fields and user profiles in their entirety.

Just install PeepSo and all of the plugins you want to use. Add the Migrator plugin, choose a couple of quick options and click the button. That’s it! The migrator will get to work moving over your data.

If you’ve wanted to give PeepSo a try but were afraid you’d lose your BuddyPress content, you’ve nothing to fear. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a video that shows how the migrator works:


  1. Make sure that BuddyPress is installed and working.
  2. Install PeepSo and any of the plugins you want to use in your community.
  3. Install and open the migrator.
  4. If ProfileSo is installed and you’re using the gender and birthday fields in your community, match those fields to the fields in BuddyPress. (The other fields in BuddyPress will also be moved but the gender and birthdate fields are available in PeepSo by default and have to be matched manually.)
  5. Click the ‘Start Migration’ button.
  6. Confirm that you want to migrate the data.
  7. Stroke the cat and plan world domination while your data flies into PeepSo.
  8. Done!

What Data Is Migrated?

Almost all the data you have in BuddyPress will migrate quickly to PeepSo:

  • Users
  • Uploaded user profile avatars
  • Uploaded user profile covers
  • Custom profile fields
  • User friends and friend requests
  • Relevant notifications that crossover to PeepSo
  • Messages
  • Posts
  • Comments

What Data Is Not Migrated?

Data for features that PeepSo does not currently support, such as groups, cannot be migrated. Once we add those features, we will add them to the migrator as well. For the migrator to move data such as user friends and messages, the FriendSo and MsgSo plugins must be installed with PeepSo. Similarly to migrate profile fields, including custom genders etc., you must have installed ProfileSo.

How Long Does The Migration Take?

The speed of the migration will depend on the amount of content in your BuddyPress community and the speed of the server. We tested it with a community of over 2,500 users and more than 15,000 activities. It took us about four min utes. A larger community with about 10,000 users and 60,000 activities can be migrated in about 11 minutes. That should be just enough time to make your cat purr. If you don’t have a cat, it’s enough time to make a cup of coffee… and look at cat pics on the Internet.

What If I Already Have Some Content In PeepSo?

The migrator will delete all your existing PeepSo content, so don’t use it if you have anything you’ll miss.

The BuddyPress Migrator is totally free and available from the backend of WordPress. Go to Plugins > Add New, and search for ‘PeepSo’.

Please note that the Migrator only moves the data within the same WordPress installation. You won’t be able to use it to migrate BuddyPress from to

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.

Get PeepSo Today!

If you’d like to see what’s coming up next, check out our roadmap here.

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We need your help to spread the word about PeepSo

Bring PeepSo to The World – Social Campaign

We need your help to spread the word about PeepSo

We need your help to spread the word about PeepSo

As you probably know, we’ve been working on revolutionizing social networking for WordPress, providing a much better alternative to BuddyPress.

We’ve been around for a year and we’ve made some great progress. We’ve released many new versions and useful plugins, and our team is super excited to continue bringing you more features. We want to help you create an amazing community.

We’ve had a great time, and from what we hear from our customers, they’re having a great time too. They love how modern and lightweight PeepSo feels, how well it works out of the box and how great it looks in almost every WordPress theme.

But we need your help!

In order to continue PeepSo’s development at full speed, we need more people to know about us, start getting involved in creating plugins and sharing their knowledge.

Would you be willing to help us spread the word about PeepSo?

How you can help:

We started a social media campaign and we aim to get 100 people talking!

I’d like to ask you to donate a social media post. The post will go out to your friends and followers, and let them know about PeepSo. All you have to do is click on the link below and login to Facebook or Twitter (or both!). The post will be public on July 18th, 2016.

Thank you so much in advance, we appreciate every single post!

WordCamp Europe 2016

At PeepSo, we hold a management meeting once a week. We do it over a slap-up breakfast. Anyway, at our last meeting, Merav suggested that some of us should take a break from paradise and travel… to a WordCamp conference. It went something like this:

You’re going!
Eric & Matt: Who? What? Where?
Merav: You are going to a WordCamp conference.

We’d just pick a spot on the globe and go to the nearest conference we could find.

So we rolled out a map… okay, I pulled out a phone, and opened Google Maps. Then I closed my eyes and dropped a finger on the screen.

It landed in the middle of the Pacific. Too wet. I tried again.

This time it landed on Europe. Perfect! There are a few WordPress conferences taking place in Europe this year but my finger had landed closest to Vienna.

So it’s to Vienna we go!

Well, when I say “we” I mean me and our lead developer Matt Jaworski. We will be attending WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna, Austria from June 24-26.

This is the first WordPress conference for both of us so we’re very excited about it… and about the wiener schnitzels.

But mostly we’re excited about the conference. They seem to be a lot of fun. Not sure about others but this one has an impressive code of conduct posted on the official page… which had us wondering what had happened in previous conferences that led them to tell people how to behave. We shall see, I guess.

What will you do there?

We’re going to enjoy ourselves! We’ll definitely try to get to as many great presentations as we can. But we also want to meet other developers and all the other people involved in the WordPress community.

Come and say hello!

We’d certainly love to meet our early adopters so if you’re at the conference, do say hello. We’ll have a nice chat over a cold beer or a diet coke… or a pina colada and pretend we’re in Bali. We’ll be wearing our fancy black or white t-shirts with our logo, like this:

From the left: Matt, Merav, Eric

From the left: Matt, Merav, Eric

Unfortunately, we registered too late to make a presentation but you might find us preaching in the hallways about the development process or describing how quickly one-line “if statements” in php can bring on a migraine. We’ll make sure the name tags are sticking out nicely.

See you there!

PeepSo 1.5.1 Is Out And Ready For You To Download

PeepSo 1.5.1

PeepSo 1.5.1

PeepSo 1.5.1 is the most advanced and stable version we have released so far. It comes with a lot of improvements, bugfixes and even a couple of new features.

New Feature! – Order Your Photos

Adding lots of photos to postbox has always been a great feature. But we felt that it was time to offer even more. Now you can not only upload multiple photos at once, you can also arrange them so that they are in the order you prefer. It’s great when you want your pictures to tell a story.

Rearrange photos in postbox.

Rearrange photos in postbox.

New Feature! – Mute Conversations

Sometimes you want to focus but you don’t want to turn off the entire chat feature. You just want to turn off one annoying person or group.

You’ve got it. Now you can mute conversations, and you can even apply time settings so that no one will thinking you’re blocking them forever.

Starting from PeepSo 1.5.1 you will also have control over who can write on your profile wall. You can choose between site members, friends, and nobody but

Mute conversation.

Mute conversation.

Improved Cropping, Friend Requests, Themes, And More

We take PeepSo development very seriously. We want PeepSo to be the best social networking experience available for WordPress regardless of the device. So we redesigned the entire cropping library. You can now crop your profile picture easily on a mobile device.

This version of PeepSo also comes with unified handling of friend requests and three-state buttons. Every user listing uses the same logic, less duplicate code, and the same experience throughout the application.

We improved compatibility with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. We tested PeepSo extensively with the theme as well as with the Divi builder. It looks great and works so smoothly.

Validation on the config options in the backend of PeepSo has also been improved. Validation now happens in real time instead of waiting until after you hit the ‘Save’ button. If there’s a problem with the values, you’ll know immediately.

Bugs Were Squished In The Making Of This Version

A bit of bug squishing means that you can now send images through chat not only in PeepSo view, but from anywhere on the site. And adding anything before or after the PeepSo Shortcodes on pages won’t cause any problems.

This Is What Else We’re Doing

We’re continuing to make PeepSo better with each release and we couldn’t be prouder.

And yes, we are working on adding custom fields to user profiles. The deadline isn’t set, but we want to release it as quickly as you want to use it 🙂

Once that’s done, we’ll start working on Groups.

Upgrade PeepSo Now

Automatic updates let you move quickly to the latest version—and you can do it all in the backend of your site.

Remember to update plugins in this sequence: ChatSo first, then all the child plugins. Core PeepSo plugin should be updated last. Here’s documentation that explains how to upgrade. You can see the full changelog here.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today. You can buy them by clicking the link below.

Buy Today!

If you’d like to see what’s coming up next, check out our roadmap here.

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PeepSo 1.4.1 Is Out!

PeepSo 1.4.1 focused on bugfixes and small improvements to PeepSo’s existing features. Some of the enhancements are strictly under-the-hood but others make PeepSo look—as well as behave—better than ever.

Dark Theme

We added a button in PeepSo config that switches PeepSo to Darth… Dark… DARK THEME. This is just the beginning of a long term plan for PeepSo to blend into various colored themes. If you wish to customize PeepSo’s CSS, I recommend reading this doc.

Dark Theme for PeepSo

Dark Theme for PeepSo

The beauty of it is that it’s really simple to set. All you need to do to get the dark theme is go to the backend of your WordPress site > PeepSo config > Appearance and change the theme from Light to Dark.

Change From Light to Dark Theme in PeepSo

Change From Light to Dark Theme in PeepSo

Email Notifications

Email notifications have a great impact on a community. We’ve improved the content of the notifications so that they’ll be even more effective and we’ve also created a beautiful new template that’s super-clean.

Beautiful and clean email notifications.

Beautiful and clean email notifications.

If you are upgrading PeepSo we can’t override your notifications settings so we added a Reset button. If you haven’t made any changes to the email notifications text you can update it now by clicking the button in the Settings.

Who’s Online?

This release introduces information about users currently online. The online status will be displayed right next to users’ names making contact fast and easy. It’s shown on users profiles:

Online indication on profile and chat.

Online indication on profile and chat.

It’s also shown on user listings like the members page.

Members page who's online indicator.

Members page who’s online indicator.


PeepSo Core now uses ReCaptcha on the registration form. With your registration protected from all those spam bots, there’s no more need for a third party solution. You can easily configure ReCaptcha in PeepSo backend and it works brilliantly on registration.

Bugfixes and other small improvements

In addition to those changes, we also improved avatar quality; resized and compressed profile cover photos to enhance performance; and adjusted the cover photo vertically and horizontally depending on the used image ratio and many more. You can see the full changelog here.

Adjust panorama cover photo horizontally.


We started a long term effort to speed up PeepSo as it grows. We implemented speed measuring routines in some of the under-the-hood logic to track down parts that run too slow. In the first wave of improvements we refactored some user search logic and shortened the average page load time by 5-10 seconds in a few worst case scenario websites with a large user base.

Upgrade PeepSo Now

Automatic updates let you move quickly to the latest version—and you can do it all in the backend of your site! Remember to update plugins in this sequence: ChatSo first, then all the other child plugins. Core PeepSo plugin should be updated last. Here’s documentation that explains how to upgrade.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today. You can buy them by clicking the link below.

Buy Today!

If you’d like to see what’s coming up next, check out our roadmap here.

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Private Social Networks: Real Results for Real People

Before PeepSo, there was JomSocial.

Before PeepSo, there was JomSocial.

Before PeepSo, there was JomSocial; a Joomla plugin that would allow you to create your own private social network on any Joomla-based website. In the years since the plugin first hit the market, it’s been used in all kinds of ways, for all kinds of purposes. There are communities for Shakespeare aficionados, and people suffering from anxiety; it’s been used to create support networks for refugees, and manage web design clients. There are communities of less than a hundred, and communities of up to ten thousand; it all depends on how close-knit people want their communities to be, or how niche their market is.

Almost 70% of respondents reported seeing an increase in user engagement with their website as a direct result of using JomSocial

Almost 70% of respondents reported seeing an increase in user engagement with their website as a direct result of using JomSocial.

We recently surveyed JomSocial customers to see how their communities were going; the results were overwhelmingly positive. Almost 70% of respondents reported seeing an increase in user engagement with their website as a direct result of using JomSocial; over 30% reported a significant increase in traffic to their site since using the plugin. Ten people who were using JomSocial for their business website reported a marked increase in revenue as a direct result of having a private social network.

The user experience seems to be overwhelmingly positive too: we asked our users to give us feedback and tell us what we could do better, and nearly everyone said that we should just keep up the great work. The rest were just minor suggestions for things they thought would be cool…we’re all about cool, so we’re taking those into account as we continue to work on and have fun with the product. About half of the people we surveyed work in tech, so having a stamp of approval from people who really know their code is a fantastic feather in our cap.

These same benefits are now available to WordPress users via PeepSo; you’re likely to see more engagement, an increase in traffic, and if you’re using PeepSo for your business, an increase in revenue as a direct result of using the plugin. Although a significant portion of the people using JomSocial were tech people, you don’t have to be one to use PeepSo; it works straight out of the box, no coding knowledge required.

To find out more about PeepSo and how it works, check out our community for a live demo.



PeepSo and ChatSo 1.4.0 Are Out!

As Abraham Lincoln said:

ChatSo is fantastic. I use it every day.

ChatSo is fantastic. I use it every day.

Well okay, he didn’t say that. But he definitely would have done. PeepSo with ChatSo is that good! It will totally change the way your users interact on your site.

ChatSo is based on MsgSo and requires that plugin to be installed and activated. Without MsgSo, ChatSo will not work.

ChatSo Is So Pretty!

Looks aren’t everything… but boy, are they important. ChatSo looks amazing. It’s clean. It’s neat. It just works. Whether you want just one chat window open or need a tidy stack of conversations for easy browsing, ChatSo keeps your screen clean and clutter-free.

Chatso design.

Chatso design.

ChatSo Works Everywhere

With ChatSo, instant chat will be available on every page of your WordPress site. Users can chat while reading one of your blog posts—whether they have PeepSo view open or not. They’ll always be able to receive a message on your site and talk to a friend.

Chat, Break, Chat More

People will leave your site. They need to sleep, eat, bathroom breaks… but as soon as they come back to your site, they’ll find their chat windows exactly as they left them. Open windows will still be open; minimized windows will still be minimized.

ChatSo remembers where you left off.

Automatically Sync Chats Across Tabs and Browsers

Your users are likely to have multiple tabs open on their browser. Not a problem for ChatSo.

The chat windows sync continuously across tabs. Close a chat window in one browser tab, it closes in the other. Write in one, your message will display in all of them. Receive a message in one tab… you get the idea. Oh, and yes… it also syncs between browsers… neat, huh?

ChatSo syncing across tabs and browsers.

Mobile Messaging

MsgSo already works like chat so we’ll redirect users to the messages view on mobile devices. We don’t want to clutter the screen.

Moods, Photos, Location

You can see moods, photos and location tags in the chat view. Click the location, and you’ll see the map. Click a photo thumbnail and we’ll bring up the photo in a modal window.

While this version of ChatSo does not enable sending moods, location and photos, you can share them in the messages view and navigate to the full conversation view by clicking the ‘cog’ icon and selecting the full message view. We’ll add sending moods, location and photos in the next version of ChatSo.

Want Some Quiet Time? No Problem!

Users who want to browse your site alone can disable chat for a single conversation, just by clicking the cog icon on chat and  or turn it off completely using an option in their profile settings.

Disable Chat for a conversation.

Disable Chat for a conversation.

Changes to PeepSo Core

We have also made some improvements to PeepSo core. Like reorganising settings in the backend. As well ass adding the new setting for you to decide whether you want to use round or square avatars on your community.

Avatars settings.

Avatars settings.

Already Have Bundle #2?

Just use the Promo Code Below to get $10 discount on ChatSo!


Go to your account and to your bundle #2. You will see ChatSo there. Click on ‘Add to Cart’.

You will be taken to the checkout view. All you need to do is add the promo code, checkout and enjoy ChatSo!

Upgrade PeepSo Now

Oh yes! Automatic upgrades are here! You can do it all in the backend of your site! Remember to upgrade plugins first, and PeepSo core as last one. After all of that is done. Install ChatSo. Here’s documentation on how to do it. You can see the full changelog here.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo core version is fantastic on its own. If you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, get the other plugins today. You can buy them by clicking the link below.

Buy Today!

If you’d like to see what’s coming up next, check out our roadmap here.

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Why Your Online Course Needs a Private Social Network

Online education has its upsides and downsides. Two upsides: it allows people living in remote areas or who simply can’t commit to being on campus full time to gain tertiary qualifications; industry professionals are able to set up and deliver their own courses, on their own websites, without having to partner with an education provider. A major downside: students can miss out on the social, group learning aspects which make tertiary education such a great experience. Facebook groups are one option, but not everyone is going to want to hand out a link to their personal social networking profile (especially those running the course). Plus, if you’ve worked hard for months or even years to put together an engaging and comprehensive online course, you want to make sure that all your ideas and content are clearly and irrefutably owned by you, with no provisions for anyone else to use your posts or images.

online education

Students learn best when they have the opportunity to work through concepts with their teachers and others in their class; otherwise, they can just memorise answers and information instead of really getting stuck into what they’re learning. Having a private social network attached to the website you’re running your course on is the perfect way to facilitate this. You can set up events to remind them when assignments are due, or to schedule a group discussion. You can post important course updates, as they happen. You can hold digital office hours, chatting with students in real time (rather than resorting to lengthy email threads).

How much you use the social network is up to you; you can essentially run your course through it (delivering content via status updates, testing knowledge through discussion threads) or you can use it to supplement a more traditional mode of online content delivery (modules, readings etc). It’s one of the most flexible education tools on the market.

If you’d like to know more about integrating PeepSo into your online course, leave us a comment below or get in touch with us on Facebook – we’ve got a former university lecturer and online education guru on hand to answer any questions.