New Plugin: WooCommerce Integration

A new release a day before Valentines Day! Just because we ? you! And with this release you can help your community make all the necessary purchases from your WooCommerce store. Oh yea, PeepSo 1.9.5 comes with the much awaited WooCommerce Integration plugin. Read more


New Plugin: Hashtags!

The first new plugin of 2018 and it’s a #BIGONE. It’s something that’s been asked for by the members of our own community for, well… years, really. It’s finally here, though. Alongside latest PeepSo 1.9.3 release. Hashtags Plugin is now available for $0 for PeepSo Ultimate Bundle subscribers and $19 for everyone else. Read more

New Plugin: Markdown

End of the year is upon us. It’d be nice to give you something before the end of the year. It’s a plugin that we have been looking forward ourselves too. We needed a way to easily and safely format text within our own community. So that we can answer questions and provide well formatted answers at the same time. Read more

Now You Can Target Ads In Your Community Like Facebook Does

Monetizing your community is a hard task. It requires a lot of time, dedication and most often than not doesn’t work out the way you want it to. It can be dictated by various factors. All in all, it’s not an easy task. Read more

PeepSo – CM Location Manager

The new Locations Manager Addon for the PeepSo allows users to integrate locations and points of interest on their social network pages. When this addon is connected with PeepSo, users gain the ability to add and share Google maps with specific locations and points of interest on PeepSo social network.

A PeepSo user can post new locations with specific descriptions, images, videos and a map of the area. This will include a Google interactive map with related points of interest clearly marked. Once a new location has been added, a feed message will appear about the location on the PeepSo feed. Read more

PeepSo 1.7.6 Is Out!

PeepSo 1.7.6 is out. After this release we’ll try to stick to shorter release cycles, ideally of about two weeks. We want to bring new features, improvements and fixes in a steady, fast stream! It’s very important to follow the upgrade procedure to avoid having to do it manually. Make sure to read the Upgrades paragraph! Read more

PeepSo BlogPosts Plugin

Comment Sync

The new version of PeepSo Blog Posts includes a new, widely requested feature: Comment and Like sync. When enabled, the default WordPress comments are hidden, and the comments from the Community are shown under the blog post instead. Likes and Reactions are also available and show in the post view. Read more

PeepSo 1.7.5 Is Out!

PeepSo 1.7.5 is finally out! That’s great for you as you get the latest update and with it all the improvements, bugfixes and of course new features, those are all better tools allowing you to make your community as successful as it can be! Please pay attention to the last two paragraphs containing upgrade information and dealing with caching. Read more