Out With The Old And In With The New

I did write a very similar post on our community, but I feel it needs to be made more official. This week we are moving our site to a new server. The one we’re still using now is almost 2 years old and it’s just time for an update. Completely new machine. The migration is be performed by the Liquid Web guys, since the new server is also from them.  Read more

How To Pick The Right Hosting

How To Pick The Right Hosting?

Picking the right hosting option is a question that doesn’t really have a one simple answer. It all really depends on what YOU need and WHAT you need it for. Grab some tea, coffee perhaps an old fashioned and join me on this journey to learning more about hosting options and which one is best for you. Read more

so php7

PeepSo goes PHP 7 – and why you should too

The timeline of PHP versions

5.6 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 1 Jan 2017 1 Jan 2018 1 Jan 2019 1 Jan 2020 1 Jan 2021 1 Jan 2022 1 Jan 2023 1 Jan 2024 Today: 7 Jul 2020

  A release that is being actively supported. Reported bugs and security issues are fixed and regular point releases are made.
  Supported for critical security issues only. Updates only made on an as-needed basis.
  A release that is no longer supported. Upgrade as soon as possible, you may be exposed to unpatched security vulnerabilities.

Long story short: PeepSo & PHP 7

Since version 1.9.6, the official  PHP version recommended by the PeepSo team is PHP 7.1. We have been compatible with PHP 7 ever since the first Release Candidate, and it is now the time to move forward even further. Read more

Hosting for Your Community!

Hey, PeepSo, what hosting do you recommend?
Hi team! What’s the best hosting?
Hello, what hosting should I choose?

Not a week goes by that we don’t get asked this question. Until now we didn’t really have one specific answer. But we knew that it’s something that we should address sooner or later. It’s my great honor to announce that we’ve partnered up with a fantastic hosting company with the true community spirit at heart. And I really mean that.

WeFoster team specializes in hosting WordPress-based Communities. Read more