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My name is Merav Knafo and I am the founder and CEO of PeepSo. I’m so excited to introduce PeepSo to you! If you’ve ever dabbled with Joomla!, you may know me as the CEO of and I took over JomSocial in 2013 and I am proud to say that it’s evolved and matured to be a great product. It’s going strong with a happy and loyal customer base.

A year into my adventure with JomSocial, and with the help (and severe rib-prodding) of Brad Bihun, a Joomla! customer and WordPress enthusiast, it became clear that a solution like JomSocial was sorely missing in the WordPress world.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I knew the production wouldn’t be cheap. But I also knew how much a social network like JomSocial would benefit WordPress users.

So we started building. And kept going. And sixteen months of intense work later, the results are well worth it!

I’m a WordPress Noob!

I’ll admit it, I knew nothing about WordPress when I started this!

I did know a lot about open source though. I started developing for Joomla! almost a decade ago, and it’s been a wild ride with lots of twists and turns. Joomla! has been great and I learned a lot about running a successful software project. I’ve put all that knowledge into PeepSo.

And I had some great help. The guys who developed PeepSo have a long background in WordPress:

Matt Jaworski is a top notch developer who has all the qualities to lead a big project like PeepSo. His standards are super-high and he makes sure every piece of code is optimized.

Eric Tracz is our talented project manager, “Da Boss” of this operation. He makes sure everything is done well and on time. He’s also the product designer. He loves writing specs and creating mockups, and he is darn good at it too.

You can find the rest of our team members here. They are all fantastic professionals and their aim is to make the best social network plugin for WordPress.

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