From User to Developer: How WordPress is Changing Careers

When Victoria Dyte of Reindeer Riot started using WordPress, she wasn’t an established developer or web designer shifting across to a new platform; she’d simply been designing and running her own online shops successfully via WordPress for several years, and decided to take the skills and knowledge she’d picked up and turn it into a new business…

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An online hub is interactive; it brings all the different elements of your online activity under one roof

Websites vs Online Hubs: Your Whole Business Under One Digital Roof

The term “online hub” is often used interchangeably with “website”, but they represent two different forms of online communication and activity. A website is, primarily, a one-way conversation: you might have a contact form or a comments section, but for the most part, a website acts as an online brochure. An online hub is interactive; it brings all the different elements of your online activity under one roof, it encourages community and conversation.

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Why Choose WordPress?

When it comes to choosing a content management system for your website, WordPress is a cut above the rest; many people have waxed lyrical about its design capabilities and ease of use. Here’s a collection of snippets from our favorite love letters to WordPress, in case you’re trying to get someone to convert and need a little extra evidence (you’ll probably also want to mention how easy it is to use WordPress to create your own, private social network).

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You don’t need too many of those VIP seeds to get your community up and running. Twenty can be enough, even a dozen. They just have to be chosen well.

Your First Community Members – Where to Find Your VIP Seeds

Communities that thrive over the long term don’t start with a flash. They begin as a small gathering and grow into a fun party. The right way to start isn’t with a mass email and a broad appeal. It’s with exclusive invitations to a select few who you know will talk and communicate—and eventually attract a bunch of friends.

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