Why Choose WordPress?

When it comes to choosing a content management system for your website, WordPress is a cut above the rest; many people have waxed lyrical about its design capabilities and ease of use. Here’s a collection of snippets from our favorite love letters to WordPress, in case you’re trying to get someone to convert and need a little extra evidence (you’ll probably also want to mention how easy it is to use WordPress to create your own, private social network).

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You don’t need too many of those VIP seeds to get your community up and running. Twenty can be enough, even a dozen. They just have to be chosen well.

Your First Community Members – Where to Find Your VIP Seeds

Communities that thrive over the long term don’t start with a flash. They begin as a small gathering and grow into a fun party. The right way to start isn’t with a mass email and a broad appeal. It’s with exclusive invitations to a select few who you know will talk and communicate—and eventually attract a bunch of friends.

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PeepSo 1.2.0 Has Native WordPress oEmbed Support

I know what you’re thinking: “Wow! Fantastic! Superb! Awesome! Fabulous… Huh?”

You were right the first time. oEmbed in PeepSo 1.2.0 is a way of presenting a link on a website. Instead of showing blue text and an underline, you get to show the actual content you want to share. So if you wanted to show your visitors a YouTube video, instead of telling them where to go, you embed the video itself.

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Interview: Bridie Amelia Designs

Bridie has been working with WordPress since 2011, and is really passionate about the platform; her website includes an entire page devoted to explaining why she thinks people should use WordPress, and the advantages it has over other web design choices. We interviewed her to find out more about what she does, why she loves WordPress; and in keeping with our Women of WordPress theme, we also asked who she looks up to in the world of WordPress and how gender has impacted her experience.

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WordPress’ Takedown Request – Hall of Shame is Pure Awesome

WordPress gets thousands of takedown requests per day from rights-holders asserting that a user is in breach of copyright; and unlike some other internet companies (which outsource or just wave the requests through), they take the time to assess and follow up on all of them. It’s a good thing they do, because about half of the requests are ultimately rejected.

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Women of WordPress: Kim Parsell, aka #wpmom

While compiling our Women of WordPress list, we came across many touching tributes to Kim Parsell – a woman whose influence on the WordPress community was so significant that a memorial scholarship was established in her name by the WordPress Foundation after her untimely death earlier this year. This is what we found out about the woman affectionately known as #wpmom, whose legacy continues to pave the way for and inspire other women working with WordPress.

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