PeepSo 1.0.0 RC4 Is Out

PeepSo 1.0.0 RC4 is mostly a bugfix release before we announce a stable version. We’ve improved the licensing and squished bugs with MsgSo, TagSo, PicSo and other plugins. We’ve also added a new panel to PeepSo Dashboard where you can see which supporting addon plugins you have installed and which are not yet a part of your setup.

And the performance has improved too. PeepSo is now much better and much faster than we thought possible.

We’ve received some great feedback so far on PeepSo. It’s great to know that the plugins we’re working so hard on each day are finding users who really enjoy them. Communities are growing big and strong, and we’re developing bigger, happier smiles.

It’s fabulous news.

You can see the full changelog here.

As an RC version, don’t install PeepSo on a production site just yet. Soon though, real soon.

Survival of the Social Media Fittest

The internet food chain: survival of the biggest?

The internet food chain: survival of the biggest?

We’ve all seen the rise and fall of major social networks – MySpace was a place for friends, until all your friends moved over to Bebo, before they moved over to Facebook, and then some of them decided to head over to Ello.

The history of social networking (as distinct from social media) tells us that co-existing isn’t an option; that you want to be where all of your friends are, that new social networks succeed through mass migration – that it’s survival of the fittest, and the biggest.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Creating a social network doesn’t have to be about trying to win the game these internet giants have created – it can simply be a choice to play your own game, with your own rules.

Having your own social network on your own website doesn’t mean foregoing Facebook, just like inviting someone to your own private dinner party doesn’t mean they can’t go to a rave with thousands of people later that week. You can take advantage of the breadth you get advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, while using your own corner of the web to have in-depth conversations about what really matters to you and your business.

Who Should Have Their Own Private Social Network?

Who Should Have Their Own Private Social Network?

Who Should Have Their Own Private Social Network?

Who Should Have Their Own Private Social Network?

You may not need your own social network, but if you belong to one of the following groups, a social network can make a lot of sense:

  • Brands – There’s no better way to get real feedback from your audience and show that you care about your customers than your own social network. Let your members tell you what they like or what they want changed. Interact with them and you will see your satisfaction rate shoot through the roof.
  • Schools/Universities – Build a platform for your community of students and teachers to interact privately. Broadcast your announcements and messages, and speak to your entire school at once.
  • Artists – Give your fans their own space to discuss your latest album, share videos with friends and interact with you directly.
  • Authors – Build a community around your book. Let members discuss your themes, your ideas and your characters. They can ask questions, engage with you and share their fan fiction.
  • Non-Profit Organizations – Engage your volunteers and staff in your fundraising campaigns and give them new ways to collaborate and share ideas.
  • Political campaigns – Bring your supporters together to discuss the campaign, meet each other and organize. Recruit volunteers and engage in discussions.
  • Dating sites. Create a niche dating site where your users can meet online, send messages, upload photos and more.
  • Hobbies or Interest Groups – Create a community around your hobby. Whether you’re into golf, antique cars or Web design, your members will be able to share their videos, upload their photos and meet like-minded friends.
  • Teams – You own social network can give you and your team an easy and private, collaborative communication channel. Why chat when you can stay in touch and get together online?

PeepSo – Your Community. Your Way.

My name is Merav Knafo and I am the founder and CEO of PeepSo. I’m so excited to introduce PeepSo to you!

If you’ve ever dabbled with Joomla!, you may know me as the CEO of and I took over JomSocial in 2013 and I am proud to say that it’s evolved and matured to be a great product. It’s going strong with a happy and loyal customer base. Read more