JReviews Integration with PeepSo

JReviews! Integration With PeepSo

The essence of a successful online community-driven website is member engagement and giving users the tools they need to interact with each other, create and contribute content that is easy to find, and can be promoted to its intended audience.

I’m excited to announce that in 2020, with the launch of the new free PeepSo Add-on, PeepSo and JReviews have become a perfect combination that provides the needed functionality to build and grow a vibrant online community and social network.

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Updating PeepSo: Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Updating a free plugin is a very straightforward action in WordPress, but adding the paid add-ons into the mix can sometimes cause unnecessary headaches. In this blog post, I will touch every common mishap or issue you may face when updating paid add-ons and by the end of it, offer you plenty of useful information to take away. It will be a long read so grab a cup of coffee or your favourite tea, sit back, and let’s begin.

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