PeepSo 1.7.1 Is Out!

PeepSo 1.7.1 is now out and ready for you to install! We mainly focused on the GroupSo plugin in this version, but we’ve also added a couple of new features and improvements to Core and to other plugins too.

Brand New Features


Group Invitations now let you invite other users to join your groups. Once you’re a member, you can click the Invite button, type in the name of the user you want to invite, and hit Send. That’s it!

Groups Invitation Modal, with User Search
Groups Invitation Modal, with User Search

The invited user will receive a notification. They can:

  • Accept the invitation and join the group.
  • Reject the invitation and miss the fun.
  • Reject and Block the invitation, miss the fun and never be invited to join the group again. (However, if they change their minds they can always join the group themselves.)
Accepting / Rejecting Group Invitation.
Accepting / Rejecting Group Invitation.

Altogether, the process generates three notifications:

  • The invited user receives a notification about the invitation.
  • When the invited user joins the group, the invitee receives a notification telling them that the invitation has been accepted
  • The group owner receives a notification that someone has joined a group.

No notifications are generated when an invitation is rejected or rejected and blocked.

Notification about accepting group invitation and that someone joined group. The latter is sent only to group owner.
Notification about accepting group invitation and that someone joined group. The latter is sent only to group owner.
Notification about group invitation.
Notification about group invitation.

Group Name Change Notification

Group owners are free to change the name of the group. After the change, all members receive a notification informing them of the new group’s name. The idea is to prevent members from discovering that they’re listed as a member of a group that don’t recall joining and of which they might not want to be known as a member.

Location, Location, Location

The LocSo location plugin has also received a major new feature. Now you can use the plugin to add a location field to users’ profiles.

Backend Location Field Settings
Backend Location Field Settings

So when you’re asking people to build their profiles, you can ask them where they live, where their secret hideout is located or where they stashed the loot. Or just the location of their favorite hiking trail.

Options are as limitless as locations.

The LocSo plugin will provide a single location field to a profile. However, if you have installed ProfileSo, you can add multiple location fields.

Location Field in User Profile
Location Field in User Profile

PeepSo Icon Pack

We’re finding that more and more third party developers are interested in creating extra add-ons and integrations between PeepSo and other plugins. (Like the recently released PeepSo – CMAnswers Integration plugin or the PeepSo – myCRED Integration Plugin. They’re both very cool.)

Third party developers can now use the PeepSo Icon Pack that’s included in PeepSo Core to find the icons they need for their menu items, or anything else. This is where you can find the PeepSo Icon Pack.

PeepSo Icon Pack
PeepSo Icon Pack

Small Changes, Big Improvements

We also made a few small changes to other parts of PeepSo. The adjustments aren’t big but the effects sure are.


We changed one small icon here but it makes a huge difference to usability. The datepicker we’re using now is a third party JavaScript library that’s popular across the Web. It’s awesome. However, we have received a few complaints from people who said they had to click dozens of times on the left arrow to find their birth year. It wasn’t clear that they could also click the name of the month. We’ve added an arrow and made it all a lot easier.


Groups now have their own page titles. (You see them in the browser tab). The titles show the group name and the user’s location inside the group. For example: “I love Unicorns – stream”.

PeepSo also now shows group posts in context. When users receive a notification of a group post, they can see the group header and know immediately where it was originally posted.


We’ve made some small but powerful styling and usability improvements to photos on PeepSo. As much as we loved the navigation using keyboard arrows in the photos modal, the feature got in the way when writing comments. So we combined the album creation modal with the adding photos feature. Instead of a button saying “Add more photos,” you’ll see a big “+” in the postbox.

Now when you’re writing comments and want to use the arrow keys to make a correction, you won’t move to the next or previous photo by mistake.

Bugfixes and Improvements

In this version we have added a couple of bugfixes as well. For example groups default settings on fresh installation, wrong open graph url or issues that were only happening with some 3rd party themes. For full changelog, please go here.

Upgrade PeepSo Now

Automatic updates let you move quickly to the latest version—and you can do it all in the backend of your site.

Remember to update plugins in this sequence: ChatSo first, then all the child plugins. Core PeepSo plugin should be updated last. You can see the full changelog here.

No PeepSo?

The free PeepSo Core version is fantastic. But if you want to unlock the true potential of social networking for WordPress, install the other plugins today.

If you’d like to see what’s coming up next, check out our roadmap here.

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