Private messaging is still a vital part of the community.

Why private messages matter on your social network

Private messaging looks like just another feature on a community site that should be packed with useful features. It should also be the least interesting.

But private messaging is still a vital part of the community.

It suggests that your site understands members’ privacy concerns and recognizes that some communications should be confidential. The messaging feature shows that you’ve taken steps to meet that need for confidentiality.

Practically, it allows friends to tell each other things that they don’t want others to know—such as when they’re going to be out of town or what’s happening with their family. It’s useful and your members will use it.

Most importantly, it deepens your private social network by adding an additional layer of communication. It enables different kinds of interaction.

Private Messages in PeepSo
Private Messages in PeepSo

People do have different relationships with friends, acquaintances and strangers in online communities. The private messaging feature allows people to hold simple discussions in public while at the same time communicating on a personal level with their closer friends.

Private messaging adds another floor to your house and gives your members more room to feel at home.

That’s all for now! Next time, I’m talking private social network identity.

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